Tokyo Disneyland one day tips?

I’ve only been to DL and WDW, so apparently that qualifies me as a Disney expert in my circle. I have a friend going to Japan this summer and has one day, asked me to do some research for him, which I am happy to do. Can anyone give any basic tips for me to pass on and/or point me in the right direction of some good info? I know there are 2 parks and he has to choose one. That’s the extent of my knowledge…

Some of my well travelled friends have said that DisneySea is easily the best park in the whole chain, but that’s all I know.

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I did a very basic amount of research this evening and concur about DisneySea. That was his initial thought too. So now we’re going to try to plan a day for him there.

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I’ve been to Tokyo DL years ago and it was fun to see, but it wasn’t significantly different than MK or DL. Disney Seas, on the other hand, is completely unique and is considered by many to be the best of the 12 Disney parks. That’s where I would go if I only had one day.

We visited Tokyo Disney 2 years ago and if you have to choose one park then I would definitely recommend DisneySea, especially if you friend has already experienced MK or any other castle park. Disney sea is unique and, IMO, easliy the best Disney park that I have been to. General advice would be avoid weekends, skip TSMM (due to huge queues) and try the unique snacks. Here is a link to a trip report I did after our visit - gives some of the highlights Tokyo Disneyland - a trip report

There is lots of information out there to help you plan a visit. In particular TDRexplorer and the Disney Tourist Blog are extremely useful - they both have suggested touring plans. When you are there is an incredibly useful site that shows you live wait and FPP times.