Tokyo Disney BatB Ride

Can we get one of these in the US?!! (SPOILER ALERT for the new ride in Tokyo!!!)


Thank you @Jeff_AZ!

I am still holding on to my hope that our Tokyo Disneyland trip booked for May 2021 will happen.
It was booked back in spring. At that time it seemed that 12 months is a very long time and pandemic will be well behind us. Now I am not so sure. :mask:


Where would they put it? Do they have room? Well… that last is a silly thing to say they have acres of land. I LOVE the tea cup cars :heart_eyes:


I’m going to watch this after work!

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Thanks for posting! What I think would be great is adding some of these animatronics to BOG.

As a ride though…ehhh maybe I would need to ride it in person, but this didn’t look all that impressive (from a strictly entertainment standpoint, mind you. The sheer engineering that went into it is mind blowing).

It’s just the cars spinning in large rooms around swaying animatronics, or against animatronics on a wall, to music and to a story we know very very very well. Which, yes, is what most rides are, but on a track, limitations like that feel less like “missed opportunities”. Easily the best part of the ride is the BOG scene…

Which is why I think instead of making a RIDE out of it, just adding these to the BOG restaurant would be just as good or better (and fairly cheap too). Dining while Belle and Adam/Beast waltz would be pretty cool. And a bit more interesting than simply falling snow out the window (as great as that is).


oooohhhhh I like that idea! yes, please :wink:


Yes I agree actually. When I was a kid, I drew up rudimentary plans for a Beauty and the Beast restaurant that played Be Our Guest with effects and animatronics every 15 minutes (I was an aspiring Imagineer back in the day).

I like the finale just about as much, if not a bit more. I just love the music and orchestrations of that theme. And the waltzing animatronics are AMAZING.

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I’d rather see this ride in the place of ETWB, but I also don’t have young kids anymore. The ride exit would be connected to BOG (with an alternate exit for those not dining there). So you go through the BatB story, have a bunch of cool effects at the end that show the breaking of the spell and all the characters changing back to human, and end in the Beast’s castle for a meal. Get rid of a table or two in the middle of the main dining room and put the waltzing animatronic there (yeah that will make it more crowded, but whatever).


I would love this ride! I would hate to see it limited to the restaurant. The access is so limited and you couldn’t tell the whole story. @Tall_Paul1’s idea is stellar though.