Tokyo Dining & Illuminations

Has anyone eaten here and watched Illuminations? I saw another thread discussing this, but no one seemed to have tried Tokyo Dining. Wondering what time we should make the ADR for and whether we actually eat on the patio or whether the patio is just there to go out and watch on, like at Cali Grill.

I’d like to know as well. We have a reservation for 6/6/15 at 8 pm. Hoping that will be a good time to watch illuminations. Anyone else with tips for requesting certain areas of the restaurant or ideal time of reservation?

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I’ve never eaten at TD during IllumiNations, but like any restaurant “with a view”, there are a very limited number of window seats, and everyone is going to want one. My general advice to anyone is to eat first, then find a good location for IllumiNations. Not saying you couldn’t watch during dinner, but there are a lot of variables that you can’t control.


We did in 2013. I can’t remember our exact reservation time, but I’m sure it was close to 7:30. We did not get a window table, but we finished our dinner in time to walk onto to the balcony and watch Illuminaitons. There were no tables on the balcony when we went. If I remember right, the view was slightly obstructed by some trees/bushes, but watching from the balcony was nice. I’m not racing back to Tokyo Dining, but I’m glad we tried it - it was a good time.


Ok, thanks everyone. I am thinking that it will make sense for us to eat around 7-7:30, finish dinner and then decide whether we want to stay and watch on the balcony. My kids are not that into nighttime shows, but the way that particular day is planned, we are going to be having a later dinner so I wanted to try and take advantage of being there late.