Toiletries provided

What toiletries are currently provided at the value resorts? We’ll be staying at POP this fall. I thought I read something about changes in the type of toiletries provided, but I don’t recall where!

They are changing from the tiny bottles of shampoo/conditioner to larger dispensers. I don’t know if or when this is coming to POP. They’ve got the dispensers at POFQ already but I don’t know where else.

Wow! POFQ isn’t even a value resort. So disappointed at the lengths Disney will go to cheapen the experience. At the same time, I do appreciate less plastic waste, I guess it isn’t such a bad thing.

They actually look very nice, not cheap or tacky. People were taking home huge amount of the small bottles so I understand why they’re doing it.

Photo in this article

I’m actually really excited by this. I have a mountain of hair to deal with and those little bottles were always hard to handle. Three less things to pack for us. I can use all the conditioner that I really need!

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