Toiletries Offered at Poly?

Very random question here, but what toiletries are offered? I know a lot of the resorts were going the way of the refillable shampoo, etc. Do they still provide bar soap and shower caps? Thanks!

I would assume so as I just completed a stay at PoR and all that was present in the room each day of our stay. As Poly is a Deluxe resort versus an intermediate resort, I am sure they will have the same if not better.

thanks. One would think :wink: I just wasn’t sure if they changed to shower gel versus bar soap and if they still did shower caps. This is where I am in my planning since I can’t change TPs anymore haha

I honestly cannot remember ever getting a shower cap at Poly.

We just returned from a stay the Poly this week. They still provided bar soap (along with shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion). We did not receive shower caps (although maybe you could request one?).

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