Today, I really HATE the APR system!

Today my DH woke me and said, “Let’s go to WDW!” :thinking: :partying_face: He NEVER does that, or never has before, I was caught totally off guard, plus it’s a gorgeous day, beautiful weather, it would be a wonderful park day. BUT guess what, NO park reservations available. :thinking: :rage:

Rant over :sob:


Rant away because that sucks.
Now I will say that I have seen APRs open up once 2 pm hits. Not sure if it has something to do with park hopping. You may want to look again in a bit.


Supportive heart.

I’m so sorry.

I wonder if Disney has a way to track when people look for APR’s so they can track missed visits?

I know they aren’t going anywhere, but I really wish APRs would take a long walk and a short drop.

It’s now my number one snap my fingers and have it happen moment, replacing seeing the suite in the castle.


I have been stalking the park res page… just b/c I know sometimes they open up. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: Thanks for the reminder!


Thanks for the support, it’s SO rare for DH to actually want to go. He’s more like @Dreamer ‘s DH :wink: Well… he became that when we moved here. He was ok w/ Disney once-in-awhile-kinda’-guy :laughing:


Would you be comfortable in putting those feelings in a letter to guest services. Including that the ONE time it’s his idea and he’s excited to share that with you, you then have to be the jerk (not calling you one) that has to tell him that spur of the moment Disney fun is gone?

Not anger or blaming, just disappointment that you couldn’t go in and spend money on food or souvenirs, and that you mostly wouldn’t even have taken space on any of the “popular” rides. A day date ruined.


Just typing that out to you makes me realize that I should also type a similar letter. APR’s were a real bummer for our trip as well.


Oh my. I’m sorry. :joy:


Oh this is a really good idea. I do miss the spontaneity of waking up and pick-a-park-for-the-day, day. And I still spend too much money when I’m there. I LOVE it, all of it still. I never tire of it.


I know the feeling!

If anything I think they are leaving a lot of money on the table. I know my favorite park days have nothing to do with rides and everything to do with eating and shopping in the bubble.


YES! I think this all the time, especially w/ locals that pop in for food or shopping. You see the local crowd mainly at DS and they are not just clutching their wallets… well except for the teenagers that like to hang there.


I’ve seen them open up around 5pm too


That’s good to know.


Did you know that even if you cancel your resort stay or WDW vacation, that your park reservations remain. If you do not go out and cancel each of them, they will remain active holding a place you will not be attending. This makes it hard for others to get park access.


I thought about doing a trip to Disneyland the second week of April. …zero park reservations. Disney is no longer a last minute thing :crazy_face: I wish they would get rid of it too.


Is that Easter week? Always a super busy time at DLR. Bummer. I mostly look at Magic Key ressies which are often not available. I thought you could usually get in if you bought a ticket.




Nope no reservations for regular people either. I was looking at the weekend before Easter (8-10).

At least generally speaking you can usually get WDW reservations on less than a weeks notice.

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There is the onsite bucket that always has availability, so if you book an onsite room first, then use that to book APRs you should be good.


I was referencing Disneyland. I do not believe they have the same on-site bucket like WDW. …which regardless, their on-site hotels are stupid expensive.

…I have AP for WDW, other than in Sept 2020 when it was difficult to get park reservations for DHS, I have not had an issue getting what I need (although in Sept 2020 we booked 1 night at the campground just to get a DHS reservation :crazy_face:) But you do lose the ability to change your mind a day out two before if staying off-site …and I hate the 2 pm park hopper limitation.