To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade: Is That Even a Question?

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Points are so non-existent in January it’s practically laughable. In an insane maniacal laugh sort of way. I’ve had BLT waitlisted for 1/7-1/10 since June. crickets.
Because the airlines are jerks, we want to fly in the night before. Last week we ended up booking 1/6 at Jambo on cash. The DVC rate was $370 for a value studio for the one night. I think the 30 day dump of excess reservations is going to be a thing for this trip. I should check to see if I have my waitlist set on 7 days, instead of 30. I don’t want it to drop it before everyone starts rearranging if that makes sense.

Have you played stalky mcstalkerson though? Everything I have is by stalkage.

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If you’re flying in late the Hyatt at MCO is a good place to crash and allow an early start the next day. Way less than that cash price for Jambo

I’m hoping so. It will mean AKL-J and Poly because even if Poly comes through on points, the BCV booking I have is a package with 30day PIF so I’ll let that go if I haven’t secured Poly on points before then. If all the planets align I will end up with my
BCV package (cash) and Poly on points. But I’m expecting to land with AKL and Poly on cash, mainly because I just need the one night at AKL. But who knows. I could end up with BCV on cash and AKL on points. In any case I doubt muchly that I will be at POR at all now that I have these other things.

It’s super messy but maybe you are following my tangly thread LOL


My DVC dashboard is looking mighty ugly lately :laughing:


Maybe you should make it a game to book and cancel every dvc resort at least once before committing :rofl:


I have single nights booked at several resorts and I keep playing the DVC slot machine like a gambling addict to try and find the matching night at any of them.

I keep reminding myself that everything I hold is because of that method. I still have 26 days to make a match.



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(This was the best slot machine gif I could find … I guess it fits? LOL)

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That’s exactly how it feels, actually.

And some days there is a ton of movement, while other days it’s locked up solid


So while I was in flight yesterday apparently one of my wait lists came through! I was going to sort it out last night, modifying this and cancelling that, but I decided I better wait for light of day and a clear, not travel exhausted brain before I did anything that could screw it all up.

Off to sort it out!


And now I’m dying to know which wait list request came through …

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I’m going to keep it under wraps until I’m certain of the Final Plan.

Per our conversation, I’ll be calling today to remove the tickets from the Beach Club reservation I have, and buy the tickets separately so as to turn that into a room-only reservation and extend the cancel range to within 5 days of travel.

So based on this you may be able to figure out which one came through, but maybe not!


I think I know, but I wait with bated breath for your final plan!


Just got even closer to my ideal situation!!

Stalking that DVC site night and day is paying off. My Dashboard is cleaning up, and my plans are getting more and more solid all the time!

Just need one more teeny-tiny shift to happen and we are THERE!!