To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade: Is That Even a Question?

How much pool time do you anticipate?

Not much. Not really a factor. Maybe hot tub more than anything post race

I would stick with BCV, AKLJ, and add hoppers to hit Epcot at night on the HS and AK days. It would open up more pre race dinner options too.

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AK day is early bed. Will not hop then because marathon next day

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I can fathom skipping AK. I am contemplating it also for my short trip in Dec. It’s great for relaxing and exploring, but not all trips are about that! I think that my sister would appreciate a full day at Epcot over almost anything else. You’ve got shopping, the best table service, a variety of drinks and obviously the great atmosphere to just wander in the evening and then sashay home over the bridge to BCV!


I’m actually impressed with you being able to make such rational decisions when so much emotion is involved. :joy: If skipping AK (this time!) is what makes for a smoother experience, do it. If you can’t afford the upcharge for RR, drop it. That’s what this planning stuff is all about.


(I did that and then put a CR LV on hold :no_mouth: )

I’m irrationally rational :laughing:

But in fairness, the BCV offers the walkability to HS and EP, and CR LV room offers that same convenience for MK after marathon.


I am doing the same thing on my HS days. I am going to hop over to Epcot in the afternoon.

Maybe do a morning at AK on the 8th. While there, you could stack a few G+ reservations in MK for the afternoon. Then have an early dinner and off to bed for the marathon.

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If you are upgrading for your sister getting her hoppers for flexibility might be better than having the most optimal resorts IMO.


Except they go hand in hand. If we stick with our original reservations (POR —> AKL) there’s no point in having hoppers IMO

Oh, good point @OBNurseNH!

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OK what about BCV for the 2 park walkability and WL for the MK days since it will be cheaper and you get that awesome boat ride to the park?


I am open to that, and am stalking availability there as well.

There is seriously almost nothing available. It’s dynamic though so checking often is what has netted what I currently hold (both DVC and hotel side)


I just don’t want to do AKL and WL because they are too similar in aesthetic

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I’m going from Kidani to BR to Jambo on my next trip, but yeah… :joy:


Letting AK wait until you can do it better justice is rational.

AKL and WL are similar. Only good together on a longer trip, if then.

Beach Club was so great when we stayed there - back in the dark ages. :wink:

One of the really great things was walking into World Showcase so easily. And Cape May. Also, Stormalong Bay was my first water slide. Sooo fun.


Update for those interested :laughing:

I just scored Poly for 1/8-10 on cash. That CR LV room was pretty sweet but this will be better on my wallet. I let the hold go on the CR and actually deposited on Poly

I also have 1/7 at AKL-J and am stalking like mad (and have waitlisted) 1/6 on points
I will continue to stalk 1/6 and 1/7 (but not waitlist, for points management reasons) any other Epcot-area resort

But it looks like I’ll at least end up at AK (with HS, AK planned) and then Poly (with MK planned) which will be fantastic!

I continue to hold but will need to cancel: POR 1/6-8, BCV 1/6-8 and AKL-J 1/8-10. I’ll do that at 30 days or when I secure 1/6 at AKL or 1/6-8 at any Epcot DVC location, whichever comes first.


Poly! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Poly for the win! We’ll be at OKW those days, which I’m excited about because we’ve never stayed there, and I was able to score a pre-booked reservation. But my heart belongs to Poly.

I love OKW! It’s my home resort!

But for this trip, which is short and sweet, trying to be located in proximity to the park we’ll be in is key.

CR/BLT would be fun as I’ve not stayed there yet, as would GF/GFV for the same reason. But I’m not unhappy at all to have secured Poly which I love dearly and which, due to studio only (as I’m not Bungalow rich) is not really an option for my family at this time.