To trip report or not to trip report

YES! I’m far more excited abour donuts than cookies. I hope they were all delicious!


Where were the donuts from? I put maple syrup on my bacon at breakfast but I don’t like maple flavored donuts :nauseated_face: … bacon, like cheese, is supposed to make everything better though :woman_shrugging:


Consensus was the maple bacon was the least favorite of the donuts.

We reached the HS skyliner station at 7:44 and they had been holding people there, but released them to walk up to security just as we arrived. Security is not open yet.

Skyliner is running but not seeing anyone actually exiting yet.

This is the path from the Swan. ~15 min is accurate. It’s a bit of a workout with the wheelchair because you have to go up an incline, cross the road, and then down the incline to get to the HS side of the waterway. For a slightly longer but more level approach, walk from the Swan to the Boardwalk, then turn right towards HS as soon as you’ve crossed the water.

Day guest paid parking puts your vehicle in the yellow box. The booth has not been attended any of our 3 days parking here. I’ll note if that changes.

We take the green route to the sidewalk and then pick left for EP or right for HS. But that only works because DM can step out of the wheelchair while we jump the curb.

Without someone on wheels, though can cut cross country on the red route to shave a little time off the HS walk.

If you need a ramp cut in the sidewalk, I think you’d need to take the blue route.


Everglazed :laughing: at DS. The Boston cream was my favorite.

DS11.2 would like to weigh in that the Brooklyn blackout (all the chocolate) was his favorite.

It was an excellent choice.


They let us move through security right at 8:00. There are about 15 people ahead of us at the taps.


I don’t usually follow trip reports these days (time!) but I’m popping over to say this one is a lot of fun to follow. I’m now itching to get my anniversary/birthday trip rescheduled because that all needs a do over.

Only my older two did Universal last trip while the triplets and I took a resort day. I feel like that needs to be up next for all of us.

Thanks for sharing and I’ll keep (probably silently) catching up!


DH will often ask me if baked goods are edible a week later. These things tend to not mold or rot quickly because sugar preserves as long as there is not buttercream or cream cheese icing (frosted things should be refridgeratef within 12 hours like that cake). Baked goods won’t make you sick days later but they will harden and dry out. Fridges help and so does zapping them for 10 seconds in the microwave before eating. I can do that with donuts and it helps with the staleness the next day.


Yes, we did put the cake in the fridge. I was wondering about the Boston cream donut, but I’ll assume the counter guy knows. :crazy_face:

I’ll see if I can discern any significant difference between Counter Cookie #3 and Freezer Cookie #1. :laughing:. (We will likely split one each evening.)

Taps opened at 8:20am. We didn’t meet any resistance on the way to SDD until we hit the bridge at the ride entrance.

6 min wait. We were off by 8:38. (I evaluated my TP last night and it was telling me something like 50 minutes for SDD at 8:24, even after re-evaluating this morning, but I re-evaluated at the taps and it said 26. Someone in another thread said they encountered a similar super high estimate the night before, so try to NOT PANIC!!! Riiiiiight…)

Initially we were going to split between TSM and RnRC, but we’re all in line for RnRC after all. Posted was 30 as we walked into the queue but 50 when we hit resistance.

As we were scampering from SDD to RnRC, DD20 spots a lizard and starts wandering off after it. “C’mon, we have lizards back home.” “But we don’t have that lizard.” :roll_eyes:


Actual for RnRC was 34.

This should be interesting…


Dish descriptions have been added to last night’s dinner.


Last Thursday, the preshow broke just as we entered this room. Looks like we done broke it good!

The rest of the family fully crewed out together on MF. I was assigned as solo pilot with a pair of random engineers. Right choice! That was actually a lot of fun! I only had to worry about up and down and pushing flashy things and then the right-left was spot on with autopilot.

Wait was actually 80 min.

Then off to find snack!

:notes:Which of these things is not like the others?!? :notes:

DH grabbed drinks and I grabbed food…


Ouch, that’s a long wait!


I was so relieved RD SDD wasn’t really 50 min that I didn’t really care. :sweat_smile:


Fair enough!

RotR was 40 min queue to completion.

Spoiler pics will NOT be inserted here because I don’t want to mess with blurring them. You either know or you don’t at this point! :laughing:

Hopefully the TSM really is the posted 35 min so we don’t miss our lunch ADR.


Wait ending up being 38 min, so we loaded right at 1:45.

Lost to DD20. :sweat_smile: DH won for the group.

As soon as we got off, I scampered outside to get a better data signal and checked us in for our ADR.


AC and this… :heart_eyes:

Interesting. DS11.1 tried to the order the cheese pizza off the kids menu and she said she’d need to charge him an adult price? Whatever.

One of the brilliant things about DH is when I start to stress on vacation, he says “Can we throw money at it? This is a vacation.” :heart:


The mac and cheese is more a penne alfredo, I think?

^ DS11.2 and I split an entree. This is the already-split portion!


He and my DH would get along just fine! Always focusing on the solution, not the problem.


I had to remind myself of this multiple times on our trip. You just have to stop and think, “how much would I pay to not have to worry about X problem right now?” And if the actual amount is less than what you’d be willing to pay, call it a win and move on.

Glad your morning went well!

P.S. My sister and her family are at HS today doing similar attractions to you! They might have been in line for MFSR with you. They are from Woodlands, so they’re your distant neighbors. :slight_smile: