To take advantage of IoA early entry or not?

We’re doing a 1 day 2 park visit, staying at Portifino for the night before. Diagon Alley and USF are going to be more of a focus, but we still want to hit Forbidden Journey, the coasters and a few other things at IoA too. So as of right now, IoA is the only park with early entry for our day, should we go there first and utilize that, or just rope drop Gringotts? right now leaning towrds just hitting Forbidden Journey and lining up to take the Hogwarts Express over right after that. How does HEx work in that case, is it set so the first one arrives at King’s Cross as the park opens?

Definitely do RD for IOA. For details on how HEx works in practice, check out @Tanavin’s trip reports:

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Everyone goes to Gringotts first so FJ would be my first stop along with rest of Hogsmead .I haven’t done a tp but would suggest EFG after 4 pm

Either do FJ 1st & then take the 1st train to Gringotts, or save Gringotts for late afternoon. Read our 2 park plans for details, it is explained in the notes.