To stack or not to stack Genie +

Hi y’all. We are heading to the parks in a few months. We have park hopper. What do you think allows you to do the most in the parks…

  1. Using Genie + right away to get a LL and doing a ride then getting another LL to use asap on another ride. Continuing to do this back to back in hopes of getting LL’s that are close to your current time

  2. Stacking LL for later in day at park hopper park. This sounds like we would be doing a lot of lower tier rides before lunch time

  3. A hybrid approach …. Get LL for rides that the return times are close to current time. Then around 12 or 1 start to stack LL for park you’re hopping to

This is our schedule:

  1. Day we arrive head to HS around 3pm
  2. MK in morning and EP in evening with extended evening hours
  3. MK in morning and EP in evening
  4. HS in morning and MK in evening

Thanks y’all!!

Thanks so much!!!

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Using early entry, rope drop and Genie plus continuously will allow you to do the most attractions in a day.

We like stacking because we like to sleep in a tad on vacation.

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I would say it depends on your goals and when you plan to arrive.

We just did a stacking scenario on Wednesday for MK…and while we did end up stacking 5 rides, we didn’t really enjoy the experience. Aside from the crowds being horrendous, we also found that it felt more like ticking check boxes. The ride options to stack into the evening were kind of chosen for us. I would have to wait sometimes an hour after my window to book another ride opened because there was nothing yet available for the time we would be there that didn’t conflict with what we already had booked.

But, if you want to book certain rides or headliners that would otherwise be difficult to get, it could be easier to get them with stacking.

I feel that if you use G+ starting early, you could probably have a more relaxed time of deciding what to do in the moment. While it may mean not getting G+ LL access for certain rides, it does mean more of riding a ride, then deciding “what do we want to do next” and see what is available shortly.

I’ve never been able to do the early return time and keep churning close return times. I always ended up in a situation where return times were too far out to do that consistently. Especially in MK and HS where G+ is most useful. I like booking a hard to get one first and then start stacking as soon as return times get to where I need them to be.

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I suppose the CLs for those days will play a role. CLs we’re much higher than expected this year at this time. It might be easier to book G+ in the moment when CLs are lower.

That is a possibly.

I’m surprised in MK. We’re you not looking for the lesser rides - I’d think you’d be able to get a lot of FL rides quickly.

Yes but they weren’t ones where g+ was that valuable.

One problem is the lesser rides didn’t really need G+…there would barely be any Standby wait. For example, today, the G+ line for Star Tours was maybe one or two minutes less than the standby.

So, yes, you can use G+ for lesser rides…but it is kind of a waste of money then.

I see 30-50 minutes for Buzz, Pooh, even IASW which always seem to have near return times.

I can only say what I have seen this week, but the standby waits have been significantly inflated…by as much as 2-3 times actual waits. And so if the G+ return time is 10 minutes from now, I could just get in Standby and wait 15 minutes. In the end, a five minute savings? Not worth it.

Your arrival day would be perfect for stacking at HS. Start right away and you can have several rides ready to go one after another once you get there.

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It is worth it if it means you’re eligible to book your next LL immediately rather than waiting 2 hours though.

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But what if all the lls you want are already more than 2 hours out?

Then you don’t lose anything by booking & riding something sooner. You just save whatever time you can and ensure that you’re eligible to book in case something great pops up.

This is the key to your decision. What timing will best fit your touring style?

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My point ultimately was comparing whether it made sense to pay for it to begin with. In our RD HS scenario, not really. We did use it…but that usage wasn’t really an advantage other than us KNOWING we would get on SDD. But as it turns out, we could have just waited standby and actually been able to move on to the next thing sooner.

We don’t sleep in at Disney ha. We go pretty hard. Like we need a vacation after our Disney vacation haha. This will be our shortest Disney trip yet so we aren’t even planning to take a break at the hotel for the first time.