To Rest Day Or Not To Rest Day

That is the question.

Planning a trip with 6 potential park days. Staying at the Poly. Ive never had a non-park day at any of my trips, but I’m intrigued by the allure of a “chill” Disney day (that exists?)

Nonetheless, the Disney fiend in me can’t seem to justify missing a potential day at the parks.

It’ll be myself, my wife, our 1.5 year old son, and my parents.

Pitch me on the rest day! Do we stay at the Poly? Resort hop? Disney Springs?

But… we love the Parks!!!


Do the rest day! Even if it’s not very restful! :joy: We are planning a trip with 7 days at the parks, but are staying 12 nights. We have learned that a day “off” in between a couple of park days gives us a chance to slow down somewhat, even if that “slowing down” is to go play mini-golf or walk around Disney Springs.


Definitely spend some time enjoying Poly. Maybe go have brunch at Topolinos and then chill by the pool, get some pineapple lanai dole whip, drinks from Sam’s, snscks at Tambu or Captain Cooks.


You didn’t say when you were going. If in the summer DEFINITELY a rest day. You might be able to “gut it out”, but you have to think of the little one. ALso, if in the summer, plan long mid-day breaks. If you’ve never been in the summer, you can’t really imagine how brutal it can be.


If you’re staying at the Poly, having a rest day there is a must-do. You pay enough for it that you need to take in the wonderfulness of it! Having a day with no major crowds and no major plans is so needed, in my opinion.


if you have a full day or more for each park and can still do a non-park day, I would absolutely do it.

A rest day with a little is key. Pool time! Good food! Not worrying about schedules or transportation. (You could always ask your parents to watch the kid that night so you and your wife can have a date night at one of the parks?!)

I am going to be the dissenting voice and say no rest day. With a kid so small I’d expect to be having a mix of late start or early finish days. I think you’ll already have enough non park time to relax in.


Our family also prefers to go hard and squeeze everything in with Disney. But we heeded the advice of many and used a rest day after three straight full day park days and loved it. Pool time, late lunch at Sanaa (we never had been at AKL so that was awesome) and then a night at DS. Some activity but a break from the parks felt awesome.
Tink makes a good point tho. If there’s lots of rest w the babe throughout, maybe you’re built for it to go hard!

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I agree with no rest days. With a 1.5 year old, I’d be taking a long break at the resort every day.

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Either. I think a rest DAY is unnecessary if you plan in adequate rest MOMENTS each and every day. Head back to your room in the afternoon, during the busiest/hottest times to refresh, for example. Or don’t over plan each moment of each minute in the parks. If you don’t wear yourself out each day, skipping some things to do later in the trip, for example, you will likely not need a rest day

On the other hand, having a day to just relax without any pressure of getting to the next attraction has merit as well. The trick is whether you will feel annoyed that you are paying so much to be there and yet essentially doing nothing!

I tend to lean to the former over the latter. Rest MOMENTS throughout each day. I think everyone is happier for it in the end.

(Of course, there is the wild and crazy idea of doing BOTH!)


If I’m paying to stay at the Poly, I want some, well a lot, of resort time. I’d take a rest day and enjoy the resort.


With 6 park days I wouldn’t do a rest day. Instead, I would plan long afternoon break each day.
If 8 park days or more - yep, need some rest.


I agree that 6 is on the border. You could absolutely go all six days and be fine, with adequate pacing and rest each day. Longer than 6 and a rest day becomes helpful.


I advocate 6 more-relaxed park days, rather than 5 more-packed days plus 1 all-rest day.