To Parade package or not to parade package

Hi! Considering doing the Tony’s parade package for trip in late May but am a little worried about the heat/sun of viewing area. Another alternative is to camp out in the train station to watch. First time for all of us seeing the parade. Any thoughts on how early you would need to get to the train station? And how good of a viewing spot this is?

We went in September and it was HOT sitting in the parade package viewing area. We had neck fans and water and that helped a bunch, and for some reason it seemed to cool down as the parade approached. That being said Tony’s food was so nasty. My children will eat pizza from anywhere, ANY WHERE and they would not eat the pizza here. Although the spot was great i can not justify the price with the food being as bad as it was.

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We did it in March last year, and didn’t have a problem with the viewing area - it was open sun, but it wasn’t too terrible. It probably will depend heavily on the weather the day you’re there, though, it was hot but not too too hot - probably mid 80s. It was great to be able to show up right before the parade started and get great seats - on the other hand, none of us were really interested in the sheer quantity of food that the dining package came with. We were using the dining plan so it didn’t matter too much but an appetizer, a heavy pasta dish, and a dessert was much too much food for the middle of the day when it was hot out, at least for us.

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Thank you both so much! Based on your info we have decided to skip it. We will be hoping for some shade in frontier land :)Thanks again!!