To MNSSHP or not to MNSSHP

Ok, so I know you can’t decide for me, but…help! For some reason I/we just can’t decide whether to attend MNSSHP on our trip in September. FP+ day is coming soon so I have to figure out park days!

We’ll be in WDW from Sat Sept 21-28, with both Saturdays being non-park travel days. So we have 6 available park days, with 5 day hoppers with one water park or mini golf each. It’s me, DH, and 2 boys who will be 6 and 9. We were there last year the same week and in 2016 (awesome fall break schedule for my kids!) and attended MNSSHP in 2016, when the boys were 3.5 and 6. We didn’t feel like it was entirely worth it that year for a few reasons–it poured during part of it, the kids really couldn’t stay up late so we left after the first parade, and honestly we just didn’t have a good enough plan. We did have fun though, regardless!

The kids don’t seem to care, but the only thing they really remember is long lines for candy. :roll_eyes: On our last trip we said we’d always make sure to have a non-park day break midweek on future trips (we haven’t before), and this would mean not doing that. We’d probably go on Friday 9/27, our last night, so we’d just have to get up and drive home the next day, but could maybe make Tues night work. We’d probably focus on rides, atmosphere, the parade, and a little trick or treating…not too into waiting to meet characters, except for maybe Pooh for the 6 yo. Prob won’t be back for a couple years (though we said that last year too…)

Between this and the unexpected SWGE uncertainty, I’m having a much harder time planning than our past trips! I’d appreciate any input or pros-cons! Thanks all!


If your kids aren’t super into it, I personally would skip it. Too much $$$ for me if I already had 5 day hoppers.


I don’t know where I’ve failed them, but neither of my kids seems interested in going to MNSSHP in August when we visit. And they’ve never been to it. My daughter would rather go to a fireworks dessert party, and my son just wants the waterpark. Admittedly, their father is one of those people who hates rushing the seasons - when we see Halloween stuff in the stores in August it drives him batty (no pun intended), so I already knew what his vote would be. I’m sort of sad to miss it, but just can’t justify pushing all three of them to do something they’re clearly not interested in. Since your kids are close in age to mine (8 and 10) I know exactly how frustrating it is to do something, especially in Disney, and have them be ho-hum about it!


Havr been having the same problem deciding to go to MNSSHP or not. Just DH and I for this trip and not interested in characters either. Everytime I think I have decided I change my mind. It is alot to go so may decided…oh who knows. Just know you are not alone in your question.

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We went to MNSSHP on a Friday in September last year that was predicted to be one of the least crowded but ended up being sold out. It was extremely crowded and 100 degrees, so it was hard to get into the Halloween spirit and didn’t feel like a good value. I vote skip it.

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I am having the same dilemma to a certain degree, but I’m leaning toward going. It will just be my DS17 and me, so it’s not as expensive as with four people, but I went to the Disneyland version last year, and I really loved the different parade and fireworks. I would like to share that with my son. Your boys are older now, and may be able to stay up later than the previous time. The trick or treat lines at Disneyland really dropped down to nothing as the night went on. You might have a less crowded party on a Tuesday, so it might be worth figuring that out too. Good luck in your decision. I’m sure it will be the right one…

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MNSSHP has been one of our favorite events. I went solo with my DD12, DS8, and DS7 last year. We loved everything about it! They still talk about how awesome it was to trick-or-treat all over the park and meet the 7 Dwarfs. The parade, fireworks, and Sanderson Sister’s stage show was great! We loved it so much that I’m doing a surprise trip for them this September. It will be our last trip to Disney for a long while. =(

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I was able to rebook my flight and save $400, so I’m putting that money towards MNSSHP.

Airline lesson: If the price drops on your flight and you want to rebook, wait until the seemingly inevitable airline schedule change occurs. If they change the flight time, you can cancel and rebook with no extra charges charge, although Spirit makes it pretty tough to do it.


Another vote to skip it, I wouldn’t want to spend that money unless everyone was enthusiastically interested in attending.

Thanks all. I’m still undecided, but leaning towards skipping it. I just need to make some decisions and stick with them! :joy:

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Well if you were to do Tuesday (I presume September 24th) it looks to be the least crowded of all parties. Now I know that’s not a guarantee and who knows how low the crowds would actually be

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Sure we can! You could just go with whatever more people recommend.

My wife and I love the Halloween Party! Our kids will be 4 and 2 though so we are skipping the party this trip. If my kids were 6 and 9, I would go to the party!

^This. We book pleasure flights at 11 months, and I have never not had a schedule change that would have allowed me to cancel and rebook at no charge if I chose to.

Edit, as I forgot to answer the original question. :man_facepalming: I would do the party, as it is a really good event and I think that your family’s enthusiasm for it will grow as you get closer to your trip. Also, I don’t believe in “no park” days, so I would add a day to your tickets, but you didn’t ask that. :smiley:


You people are killing me. Last night I (we?) had decided once and for all that we’re not going. Now I come back and read more responses, and I’m back to square one! Ugh. :joy:

Oh believe me, the thought has crossed my mind :blush:

Asking for opinions on this site is VERY risky :laughing:


I would not skip it. It was one of my greatest Disney memories.

I went with no plan. We focus on rides. It was great! So much so that DH had me book again for this year.

My only plan is to hit the haunted house after the parade

But, we all always agree on everything here. What do you mean? :wink:

As far as offering my opinion (with which everyone else agrees): skip it. But I’ll say up front that our family doesn’t participate in Halloween at all, so we have exactly zero interest in the party.

of course we do @ryan1