To heat, or not to heat, that is the question

So, looks like we’re going to Disney World in May 2020. Most likely the second and third week. It’ll be a long trip, tentatively from May 10 through May 20.

We are going to rent a house, and I think I may have already found the one I want to rent. It has a private pool and spa. The spa heat is included, but the pool is an additional $25/night for heat. (This seems to be the going rate.) Anyhow, since the spa is heated, I’m just not convinced we need the pool heat in May. But I’m not not sure. That is an extra $250 to include, which definitely puts us above budget.

I’m curious…has anyone stayed in the Orlando area in the month of May and NOT had pool heat? What did you think?

Several years ago, we visited family in Texas in May. They had a pool, but it was FREEZING cold still. Average temperatures in Orlando in May, however, are a little warmer than Dallas, TX, so I’m not sure it is a good gauge.


We did first 2 weeks in June with no pool heat, it was 18 years ago but I don’t remember it being an issue. My son learnt to swim in that pool!

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Will the sun hit the pool during the day? There is no reason a pool in Orlando should not warm up by then unless the weather the week or 2 before is crazy cold or it is shaded all the time. The avg high temp for May is 88 degrees, which is way warmer than my average high where I live in June, and I don’t heat the pool at all, but it gets sun all day and gets nice and warm.

It will certainly not require $25/day worth of gas to heat it, unless you’re trying to get it close to 100F.

True. But most places don’t change the rate based on the time of year, so you’re stuck paying the full amount.

I have asked the owner of the property if you have to pay for heat for the entire state, or if we can just have it turned on for part of the week…days we most likely would want it. Haven’t heard back yet on that one.

But it sounds like, from a sample of two so far, that it probably isn’t necessary.

It doesn’t say, but based on the photos, it appears that the pool is in the sun only part of the day, mostly in the morning and evening.

We were in Disney May 5-12 this year. It was mostly in the mid 80s to 90s. Evenings did cool off to a comfortable temperature, but still warm though. During the day I would not think heating a pool would be necessary.

Most days we would use the pool in the evenings, possibly after dark…so it still leaves me wondering.

At night is when the pool will be the warmest because it’s been absorbing heat all day. I wouldn’t worry about the heat for the pool. We swim in the first few weeks of May in North Carolina and it may be a little chilly in the morning, but it warms up. It will probably feel very refreshing. Have fun!

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I live in north FL. In our previous home we had an unseated pool and were swimming by mid April, occasionally earlier. The ambient air temps will certainly be warm enough (even after dark).

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I don’t think that would work. Maybe at that time of year it would, but the whole point of the heating is that it takes time to work. Assuming this was February, The first couple of days you probably wouldn’t find it warm if the previous occupants hadn’t paid for heating. It takes a couple of days for the water to heat up. If you then only paid for days 3 and 5 because those were your park rest days, you’d still find the water cold.

Yeah. I knew that bit. I was thinking more like, if days 6 and 7 are resort days, but the others are park days, then it would make more sense to pay for days 4 though 7. 4 and 5 to get the water warmed up, and 6 and 7 because those are the days we’d way to ensure it stayed warm.

The owner did get back to me and say it is possible…and it is also possible to decide at the last minute, so I don’t have to think about it until we are getting ready to go. By then, we will better know the weather forecast. I’m glad to know I don’t have to decide ahead of time and pay for the entire 10 days!