To Go or Not to Go

A close friend has suggested, offered, asked, and begged me to fly down for a few days while she is staying at AKL Kidani Village and Jambo House in July. I desperately want to do a few days of park hopping solo, which would work out perfectly with her plans. My dear sweet husband has agreed to this, albeit with some sadness. (We’re ridiculously attached to each other.) Now that I have permission and lodging, I’m starting to second guess everything. The cost isn’t an issue, it will be the touring alone. Will I miss him too much while I’m on Main Street? Will I feel like I’m betraying him alone on Test Track? I’ve been itching for a solo-ish trip, but now that I can book it and go, I feel a bit …off…about the whole thing. What do I do?

Go! I am going on my first solo trip next week & can’t wait. I am going to miss my kids, but also know that having some alone time doing what I want is going to help ‘fill my cup.’ I think you’ll have a blast :slight_smile:

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I think you should go. It sounds fun. I’ve never done a solo trip, but sometimes I make it a point to have a few hours alone in the parks and it’s amazing. A whole trip would be glorious.

Solo trips rule.



I’m trying to figure out when I can slip in a solo trip. It’s going to happen.

Like not tell anyone, just go. (Well, I mean the husband and family…but announce it by checking in at the castle on a FB or something fun like that!)

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Yeah, this. Solo trips are super fun.

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Run like the wind! This is the dream, sounds amazing!! Go, go go!

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You are seriously asking this group. Go.


I am going on a solo trip in Sept. I was very leery when I started thinking about it, but I am very excited now.
I know there are going to be a few moments when I am going to wish my BF was with me, but I am also very excited to go at my pace, doing whatever I want when I want. I know that the way I am going to tour alone is not what I would be doing if we were together, so I think that is why I am now fine with going solo

OK, I’ve put in my vacation request, emailed my boss, and submitted the ticket order form. Nothing irrevocable yet, but I’m liking the way that you guys think. The last step will be buying plane tickets. Once I do that, there is no turning back!


GO! You will love it! Ask @profmatt


I’ll be the voice of dissension here, if only to hear the other viewpoint.

My wife and I are the same. In fact, in our 22+ years of marriage, we’ve only been separated for more than 24 hours a total of three times. In all three times, I was quite miserable.

Most recently was a trip to Toronto. I had to accompany my DS16 (at the time) because he was a minor and going to a conference for Mozilla (he was a Mozilla developer at the time). The entire trip was paid for by Mozilla. But during the days of the event, I was on my own. Without my wife.

I tried to make the best of it. I walked around the city, exploring the tunnels and shopping, etc. Made a trip down by the lake and to the Chinatown area, plus the theatre district.

But the entire time, I couldn’t help but wish my wife was with me. It was particularly bad when I was alone, eating. No one to talk to. My son was at least there in the evenings to help keep my mind off missing my wife so much. But truth is, I just didn’t enjoy myself. What I DID learn was that I’d like to return to Toronto…WITH MY WIFE.

Now, there are plenty of folks who don’t seem bothered being apart from their Significant Other, going it alone. But if you are anything like me, your trip to Disney without your husband will likely sour the entire time.

On my honeymoon, there was one ride my wife wouldn’t ride with me. The TZ Tower of Terror. So, I had to wait in line for about an hour and a half without her. And I really didn’t like it. I wanted her with me.

This might be a more determining factor. I’d never “itch” for a “solo-ish” trip. I itch to be with my wife. So if you have the ability to itch for a solo-ish trip, perhaps you are cut out for it. Although, I wonder about your use of the -ish there.


The -ish comes into play because I’d be staying with a friend and doing a few things with her. I have touristed (it’s a word, look it up) alone in Washington DC and NYC and I loved it, but that was before I met him.

Oh I don’t know if I could approach someone as internet famous as @profmatt!

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It is done. Flights are booked. MagicBand selected. Deep breath taken. If nothing else, I will finally get that solo trip and I can stop wondering and burning up with envy. If I can’t tolerate being without my husband, I’ll know never to do it again. Now to decide if I want to do Disney After Hours. Oh the dilemma!


I do Disney trips without my husband all the time! He only wants to go every 2-3 years and I simply cannot have that! I miss him, of course, but absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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So glad you are going! I am dreaming of a solo trip myself! I will miss my whole family but alone time can be amazing too.