To go or no to go. April 3-9 edition

I haven’t read everyone’s responses but I seriously felt guilt at going, selfish mostly. But it did something for my soul that I needed too. I was terrified at MCO in January but never once felt unsafe in WDW that trip. In Oct I felt unsafe sometimes at Universal when I’d see people get off the elevator with no masks that I was about to get in and it felt more crowded than Disney which backwards to normal. I always ate outside and socially distanced and did not take off my mask otherwise on both trips. I did drive in Oct from Texas and there are moments I felt unsafe on that drive too needing to use the restroom in gas stations with people with no masks, etc. In WDW I’d just avoid stores at closing time and avoid the calvacades if people start clustering. Otherwise it’s really safe feeling compared to everywhere else.


If your concern is only over Covid, I think you should go. Numbers have been dropping like a rock lately. The risk should be at the lowest since this whole thing started.