To decorate door or not?

I’ve heard magnets go missing on occasion. Has anyone had experience with that? Should I go through the trouble of designing, printing and decorating our stateroom door?

If you want to…it’s fun, but not necessary at all. They also sell Magnets in the shop on the boat. No problems with them being messed with.

We came back and found ours slightly rearranged, but never missing. Of course, that’s possible too. Ours were very lightweight magnets that didn’t hold very strong onto the door, fwiw.

I took cheap magnet sheets we had around home and glued on cardstock cut outs and stickers. So if you are worried about them being taken, I would suggest doing something similar and not investing much.

A lot of people have very personalized door decorations and that may be a deterrent too… At least if you have a unique name.

Yeah, I wasn’t thinking of putting our names on them. Also, what I had planned will cost a bit, as one piece is large, so I wouldn’t be happy if it disappeared.

We did decorate our door. It was fun and made it easier to locate our cabin. I used a combination of magnetic paper (that I printed on from printer) to magnetic strips. We also had no problem of anyone taking our magnets but I do know of someone who had that happen to them.

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