To DDP or Not DDP....That is the Question

Just some input needed…I’m travelling in May 2016 and have a package booked for 4 nights at Pop and then a RO at POR for 3 nights…
My question, for me to add on the QS DDP is only an extra $171 for the 4 nights that I’m at Pop. I’m not a huge eater and although I have used the DDP when I travel with my family and LOVE the convenience of not having to check prices of everything…this solo trip is bit more budget conscious. I can happily live off snacks but there’s a part of me that likes to also have meals without breaking the bank.
Could I legitimately eat for 4 days for under $171 if I pay out of pocket. I would not be using TS ADR’s it would be strictly QS and snacks along the way. Dessert and drinks are not important as I just drink the water for free.

…Especially with the Canadian dollar being less than great I’m trying to keep food costs down and have been trying to figure out if it would be worth adding the DDP for 4 nights of my 7 night stay (I know my credits would expire at the end of day 4) … I love my snack credits I will say that!

Sorry for rambling on, I was just curious what others’ opinions would be, especially now that we can convert QS to snack credits

…and by eating under $171 I also mean, not living off pretzels, bagels and muffins for 4 days :wink: I enjoy my fruits/veggies and the occasional “meal”

I am a water drinker but for me it would come down to how much of a water drinker are you? When I have had the DP in the past I will fill my refillable cup in the morning and grab a bottle water as a drink. I also pack bottled water in my checked luggage (SW so I have the room). It is the extra waters that add up for me.

I found I waste a lot of money at CS with the dining plan. If I want a sweet, I want something great like a dole whip or an ice cream in France- not another CS cupcake. I guess switching out to more water (not a great value) or 3 items from a F &G kiosk would help!

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I went through all the menus of the places I’m most likely to eat. I only have one ADR at BOG for breakfast and even with everything I could possibly eat and I’m being fairly gluttonous I think I’m hitting $85 after 4 days. That doesn’t include touring the F&G Festival booths, but that I have a budget set aside for.

I love the dining plan :slight_smile: I think it is very beneficial at times. Does your $85 include your snacks? What I always did was crunch the numbers :slight_smile: I know one thing that was nice was when we were at the Food and Wine Festival that we used our snacks for some of our credits :slight_smile: You might include these in the price if you can save some there. Then you could spend that money on souvenirs or other things :slight_smile:

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That’s what we did in Sept for Food and Wine too and loved it. In sept we maximized our credits too (especially at F&W) so we made sure we got our money’s worth absolutely. and I will say I just like the convenience of not having to check my wallet every time I want to buy something (or scan my band = credit card) also not having to check prices and go for a cheaper option even though it may not be what I want.
I need to do some more number crunching for sure. …I do also like the convenience of having everything paid for up front. hmmmmm hmmmmm…

Will you skip the refillable mug? Will you bring waters with you, have them delivered or buy a 12 pack there?

still deciding about having some bits and pieces delivered. I always just carry a refillable water bottle and that suits me fine. Not a soda drinker, but a morning coffee is essential!
If I don’t end up on the DDP Im debating purchasing a mug for the coffee in the morning

So- add the mug to your numbers- plus the food kiosks (3 items in one booth could be a CS credit but until those menus are all out- how will you know?

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anxiously waiting for the booth menus :slight_smile:

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are the mugs still active for length of stay only?

on our last trip what we did for Food and Wine for the less expensive foods we didn’t want to use a snack credit on and for our alcohol we loaded a gift card with $100 and once it was gone it was gone. I may employ the same method here too…load a gift card once I arrive with $200 and use that for everything

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The mugs are good for 14 days now (one price if paying cash). If you bought CS for your first part of your trip then the mug would still be good on the second part.

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It really come down to how you “normally” eat, and if the DDP matches. I have nothing “against” the DDP, and it works very well for many families. It doesn’t for me.

I don’t especially like CS meals, so the CS-only plan is a non-starter. If I want 2 TS meals a day (which is my “usual”), the only plan that works is the deluxe - but that’s TRHEE TS meals a day, and I don’t like huge breakfasts when I’m going to be “power touring” for the first few hours in a park. When I did my “foodie” trip with signature dining every night I seriously considered the DxDP, but when I “ran the numbers” I couldn’t make it work to our favor to get the DxDP

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I did the deluxe dining for our last trip and it was a lot of food. If you dine at signature restaurants I think it is worth it :). My mom are using deluxe for one day and eating at The Boathouse and Ohana this trip :). So excited!

It is a pain, but for every trip, I have to crunch a lot of numbers to determine what would be best. It sounds like when you crunched the numbers, you were well under the $171, so you probably want to skip the DDP. If you want convenience, then get a gift card before your trip to use for food. People who have the Target Red Card buy their Disney gift cards via Target and get 5% off, so it can actually save you money.

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I’m thinking loading up a gift card is what I’m going to end up doing. I’m flying from Canada though, so I can’t get them ahead of time. I’ll wait until I get there and grab one from the hotel gift shop or something like that. I tried ordering one online but they won’t ship a US gift card to a Canadian address.

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