To buy or not to buy?

Trying to decide whether or not to go ahead and buy tickets for MNSHP. We rented DVC points so it would take a lot for us not to be in the area. My biggest driver is that it’s a night that typically sells out and if they’re still having the party I feel like there’s a good shot that they’ll lower the attendance number. If they make any kind of announcement there would be a rush and we could miss out.

Thoughts? Am I missing some sort of consideration with buying while there’s so much uncertainty? I’m assuming if they cancel a party we’d get a refund (it’s the very end of the MNSHP season).

In my experience Disney is excellent at giving prompt refunds.

I’ve been on the fence as well. Are they going to have meet and greets, the parade and the fireworks show? It doesn’t seem worth the money if it’s a scaled down party. And if it is scaled down will Disney allow refunds if you already bought your tickets?

Personally, I’m not buying anything additional for our trip until the parks have reopened in some capacity. After having to rejigger our spring break trip, I just don’t want any more things to deal with than I already have.


Have to agree with this. I booked ADRS that aren’t prepaid and that’s all I’m doing for now. Although April was easy to cancel everything, I’d rather not do it again.

I am personally holding off on purchasing extras. I’m planning for them in my plans but it’s easier to “delete” than to manage an actual undoing of plans.

Count me as another waiting to purchase any kind of extras or doing any prepaid dining.

All good points. I’m not sure if it’s excitement or anxiety that has me wanting to just do something related to the trip.

Without there being any clarity on what format will be used to present MNSSHP (or any extra ticket items) I’m finding it difficult to commit to a purchase.