To buy or not to buy - tickets

So Mousesavers just sent out a notice that it’s been 10 months since the last WDW price increase and they are strongly suggesting making purchases, if you’ll need them. Of course, they were also promoting their ad partners, so that could also be the reason for the email.

Anyway, should I hustle and buy my tickets or do I have a little time? We are doing 1 day at MK, so unless the day changes from a regular to a high, I guess it’d be okay to buy the tickets now.

I got that email too. There’s a little time I expect - usually the dedicated sites are quite accurate, and if you are subscribed to a couple of newsletters and follow pages like TP on Facebook as well, you should hear last minute warnings when there’s only a couple of days left.

However, to my mind there’s no advantage to waiting if you know for certain you’re going, AND you have the cash available now. It’s one thing off my mind once I have my tickets. Last year I bought our Universal tickets because of the warnings and I saved a bundle!

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I just keep hoping the family will want to go a second day and so I’ve held off buying for that reason.

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Who wouldn’t want a second day if you’ve got the time?!?! You are obviously right. :wink: