To AP or not to AP

Wondering if getting 1 AP for my group of 12 will be worth it?

Heres my scenario. Group of 12, staying offsite for 8 days, renting a 15 passenger van, visiting each park once, planning 1 meal at each park ( Tusker House, Garden Grill, Hollywood & Vine, Be our Guest) all breakfasts except BoG (lunch). Purchasing Memory Maker, purchasing EMM for our MK day, plan on shopping and dining at least 1 day at DS. We also may or may not add 1 more dining (either Hddr, SoA, or Ohana on our departure day)

What i know:
I know the memory maker costs $170 and parking about $120 and the price for my theme park ticket will be $400. So thats $690. I also know each @ the park sit down meal we have reserved will run, on avg., $500 each meal (× 4 parks =$2,000)

What i dont know:
How much an AP will cost?
Will i also need TiW and whats that cost?
Will i get dining discounts at those restaurants i mentioned and will it save me enough to make the AP worth it.
I doubt i will be back to Disney to use the AP again in the next 12 months.

All of the dining discounts say “ for you and up to three guests”

Tables in Wonderland is good up to groups of ten.

It does cost $150. You will get 20% discount but it will automatically add 18% tip. You would have to pay the whole bill at each meal.


Basically TiW pays the gratuity doesn’t it? You pay $150, you get 20% discount on food AND alcohol and you pay 20% tip…so the discount and the tip cancel eachother out. I think that is right.


Correct. You also need to be aware of blackout dates on TIW.

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I am travelling with my two adorable ‘children’, aged 25 and 21. I am not expecting the bar bills to be small, so an AP and TiW has some attraction. :slight_smile:


I travel with my son and his girlfriend. I have an AP and TiW. It saves me so much money!


Oh yes, been there, (youngest will be 21 there next time, eldest turned 21 on our last trip arrival day).

But even before they could drink there, they were always clamouring for the light up “ice” cubes they put in cocktails etc! What could I do, as a mum wanting to make them happy? :rofl:

Honestly, when staying at Bay Lake, we end up in TOTWL every evening. On the rare occasion we stay at a park until close we would skip it. But all but one day, DH was certainly there each evening. So small bar bills? Nope, not in this household!


This will be a relief…DS has not been amused (or gracious) by not being able to drink in the US…not helped by DD rubbing his nose in it by ordering cocktails at every opportunity. :slight_smile:


Yeah doing quick math it doesnt seem it will be worth it, as the AP and the Tiw will cost me appx. $1100 to save $930. If i could say i would be coming back within 12 months then it makes sense to spend the extra $170. But i can safely say after this trip i will not be back within 12 months.

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Did TotW take TiW?

Hmmm…but if you bought one more meal for your group of 12 wouldn’t you at least break even? …plus the odd snack or drink or souvenir.

:Heck yeah! :joy:

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I just love that cake…

It’s worth it. Especially — as i belatedly learned recently thx to Liners :blush:— TiW is accepted in some QS and lounges. And one assumes one would be adding 15-20% tip anyway so without TiW 20% it would be the full bill plus 15-20%