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If I’m reading your post correctly, you have DDP for the first half of the stay, and then the second leg NO DDP. If memory serves (and that’s always questionable), your DDP is good through midnight the day you check out, so your check in at the second hotel where there is no DDP shouldn’t impact your ability to use your reservation/credit.

You will be able to use your dining plan credits on your transfer day, right up to midnight.

To avoid any issues, remember to actually check out of your first resort. Go to the desk and check out.

And it’s best to call bell services for your luggage transfer. Phone when you’re ready and know how many bags, including any chilled or frozen stuff. It may take 30 minutes or so for them to come, so be ready in plenty of time, especially if you’re wanting to get to the parks early. And keep a day bag with you in case of any issues with the transfer.

Thanks very much!

Thank you!

Nickysyme, you wound up answering one of my questions too. We have a split stay - 2 nights at AKL Kidani, and 4 nights at BLT. If I’m reading your post correctly, we can check out of AKL in the morning around 9 am, have bell services transfer our bags to BLT (including cold groceries from the fridge in a cold bag), head off to AK for a few hours, then just take the bus from AK to BLT directly around 1:30 PM, where our bags should be waiting? We hope to go to the pool on arrival, can we count on instant access to the bags? Thanks!

Your bags probably won’t arrive until around 4 or 5pm. At least that’s what they will tell you. I think the transfers are done once a day at a similar time for all resorts.

Bear in mind it can go wrong, and you may have to phone and ask. On our last stay the transfer to Kidani went fine, but the return to BLT didn’t go so smoothly. We were out in the parks late, got to our room and had to phone. They found the luggage was still at Kidani, but transferred them right away.

I would have a bag with essentials (medication, swim stuff, toilet bag) and maybe take it with you and leave it in a locker? Or you could leave it at AKL desk and pick it up. Because we had a car we drove over to BLT and left our bag in the car before heading off to DHS.