Tips with Disney GC?

I plan on bringing a fair amount of gc to pay for food during our stay. Can I also include tips on a gc?

Yes you can @tportugal. I do it all the time. Also, did you know that Disney has a gift card management website where you can combine values on multiple cards into one? The site is

If you haven’t already purchased the giftcard(s) I would consider buying a visa card instead of a Disney one. You can use it all the same places and if you don’t end up spending it all you can use it elsewhere when you get home.

If you’re staying on-site, then I find it easier to charge everything I can to my room (including meals + tips), then visit the front desk every few days and pay off the balance (the amount of charges before your credit card is charged varies depending on the category of resort you’re staying in).

Thank you all! @/Lens_number_1_Fan, thanks for the tips! @Outer1, I would do something of the sort, but alas, I get insurance rewards in the form of Target gift cards, then combined with my 5% redcard discount, I get a decent discount on the gc via Target :slight_smile:

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I do believe you may want to stock up while you can. It appears Target is no longer honoring the redcard discount online, and who knows if fixing that loophole changes the way it happens in stores.

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I just checked Target and it won’t ship Disney gift cards (at least today, at least to me).

Yah, I see that target online is not shipping at the moment. Will have to keep my eyes peeled!

It is funny to hear people talk of Visa gift cards vs Disney gift cards. I totally understand getting the Visa, so you can use what ever is left over anyplace. I like the Disney ones because if I have left over money, it is an incentive to start saving for my next trip! Or i use the extra at Christmas time at the Disney Store.

But what is really interesting about the timing of this discussion is I was shopping last night, and THREE different stores I went into had signs posted that they would no longer be accepting “credit card gift cards.” Strange…

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Probably because the credit card gift cards are very susceptible to fraud. Probably not worth the risk to the merchants

That’s what I was thinking.

I also heard (but have not tried yet) that you can actually link gc to your magic bands now - can anyone confirm this?

Really? Strange about the 3 stores. Which stores were they by chance?
And wow, that would be great if we could link our magic bands with gc!