Tips, Tricks and Magic?

Good Morning,

First time poster, long time user! :slight_smile: As of this morning we are officially 175 days away from our magical Christmas Holiday at The World. We’ll be surprising the kiddos with the news on Christmas morning and hopping on a flight later that same day. We’ve done our research, made a draft “plan” and secured those ADR’s. Now just waiting for the 60 day window for our FPP.

Right now our plan is to arrive at the parks each day before RD tackle as much as we can before lunch and then dine in the AC before heading back to the hotel for a quick respite heading back to the parks after dinner. We’re a larger group (4 adults, 3 children and 1 infant) so logistics have been a bit challenging (even this far out). Here’s where my question comes into play. Park hours are slowly being released and I’m wondering if it at all makes sense to try and alter plans a bit to hit released EMH (all while fully knowing that these will likely change)? For example right now they’ve released that DHS will have EMH the morning of 12/26 but we weren’t planning to hit DHS until 12/29. Along with that we have ADR at H&V for the Fantasmic Dinner package and I can’t find the same reservations for the earlier date. Has anyone done this pacakge before? Is it worth it to get access to the seats?

Any tips, tricks or magic anyone has is greatly appreciated. We’re staying from 12/25 - 1/1 at POFQ and still trying to determine plans for NYE (last year they had a Pixar Party at the Contemporary so waiting for any event details to be released).

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

If you are up, and early risers, and would have no issue being at emh to rope drop it, I would do AM emh if the attractions open are ones you’d like to do. It almost sounds like a no brainer since you are already planning to be up early, and leaving before lunch. That sounds like a custom made EMH utilizing plan. I don’t see the word hopper in your post. If you had hoppers, I would highly suggest utilizing the EMH benefit you are paying for by staying onsite.

During busy times, the Fantasmic Dining pkg can be worth it. If you’re going to eat at Hollywood, and you don’t want to worry about a F! fastpass, or showing up early for a good seat, then it makes sense on busy days.

the real issue is what will work well for your 8 people? Can they all be up and running early enough to make early entry, without crashing later in the morning. If only some can handle early mornings, can you take the early risers and let the others catch up with you later? Early entry is a very personal question for each group. Do what you think is best for those you are with.

If you hang around here enough, you’ll get plenty of tips and tricks. The magic happens all on its own and may backfire if you try to force it.