Tips on Snagging Highly Prized FPs?

I’m gunning for a 9:00 a.m. FP for Seven Dwarves Mine Train (it’s EMH that day). I’m staying at the resort, so I can book 60 days in advance. I’m only staying 1 day, so I realize the people who booked a weeklong vacation starting earlier already have a leg up on me.

When is the exact minute my 60 days begins? What can I do to nab one of these FPs as quickly as possible?

FP opens at midnight Eastern time, although sometimes there is a bit of a delay. I would take any 7DMT FP you can get for the day. Don’t worry about the times. Just get them. You can adjust the times for your other 2 FP pretty easily after you have them. Good luck!

They are supposed to open at midnight eastern, but seem to open up to an hour later a few nights per week. That’s what happened for me. However, this site shows tons of availability for 7DMT…it was accurate for me 2 weeks ago.

What Sally said.

Is it early EMH? Or does the park open at 9?

Also to note: I’d score two rides. Get FP for anytime like Sally said. Just grab one. If your At a resort and will be there for RD, then you can either head directly to 7dmt at RD and ride and then ride again with your FPP. Or you can rope drop and decide to switch out the FPP for some thing else.

Or… You can attempt 7dmt at RD and if you don’t make it, you’ll have the other FPP as a back up.

like everyone else said just grap the first one you can. Ive been adjusting my fpp’s ever since I got them like two weeks ago. I managed to get anna and elsa, and a 7dmt this way.

whenever you are on the computer, just quickly check and see availability. Good stuff often pops up.