Tips on getting ADR for Storybook Dining

This may be a long shot but I wanted to get a reservation for Storybook Dining for our first day after we get there. So far there is nothing open. Should I keep trying or wait until closer to our March trip - hoping there will be a cancellation at some point. I know it’s hard to get because they only do dinner.

Wanting a reservation for March 1.

I didn’t get that ADR in a decent time slot when my window opened so I just kept trying. My method is to go on MDE whenever I think about it (about 4 - 5 x per day) just to check. It gets tedious but really only takes you about 10 seconds. I got exactly what I wanted within a few weeks. I’ve managed to get pretty much all the ADRs I’ve wanted that way over 3 trips from the past few years (and all of the FP except for one). The only thing I didn’t get from last trip was to put my 3 sci fi diner res onto one res and move it a little earlier, but they ended up seating us all together anyway. So, persistence pays off. Also you can do a TP res finder. But when I got that it only worked once out of a few times I got one b/c I wasn’t fast enough.


I used the TP reservation finder and was alerted to multiple slots that worked for our group. It will pop up eventually! Good luck. :slight_smile:


Be patient and use the TP reservation finder. I initially got several notices for ones 8pm or later for two of our dates (early January 2020). I got one for 4:35 after a couple weeks around the 60 day mark. I recently decided to modify it to a different date. I moved it to 4:20 pm. The last one I changed I received a text at 12:30 a.m. and happened to still be awake. No way it would have been around in the morning. Only thing I find with this restaurant is that you need to login and scoop it up ASAP. It will be gone within 10 minutes of the text or email from TP.

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The TP Res Finder is awesome. Use it and be patient! I’d be shocked if something didn’t pop up eventually.

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I agree with checking yourself. I do this in combination with the res finder. I find my success rate is about half on my own, and half with res finder alerts. I started looking for Storybook Dining about 3 weeks before my trip and found 2 separate options on my own. The first was at 8:55, much later than I wanted, and a few days later I got 5:40, which is a pretty good time for us.

Considering I was looking at Dec 20, when the whole resort will be pretty busy, if I found options then I bet you will too!

I used a combination of mouse and touring plans reservation finder to get everything I wanted, including storybook. Most came a couple of days before I wanted the reservation.

Reservation finder has always come through for me. But you have to snag it quick when you get the notice! Good luck!

We just got home & saw same day or next day availability almost every day (for our party of 7).