Tips on Eat the Beat Concerts

We are going to Disneyworld for the first time this September and have no idea about how these concerts operate in Epcot. We know about this years schedule of performers, that concerts are free to watch with an admission ticket to Epcot, that artists perform 3 times a night and have heard you can get a dinner package to guarantee seats to a concert. We won’t be getting a dinner package. Does anyone have some tips on seeing a concert without getting a dinner package? Can you actually see the performance if you don’t get a seat? Do the artists usually repeat the same concert over and over again? Are we better catching a later concert for seating? Sorry for all the questions.

You can see the concerts even if you’re not seated. I’ll try to find a picture which shows the view. Most artists (if not all) play different sets, so if you see them twice on the same night you won’t have an exact repeat experience. If there’s a band you really want to see it’s worth lining up about 30 minutes before they start.

Ok, found it - this is taken from the walkway above the theater a few weeks ago (it’s Peter Noone from Herman’s Hermits playing, so a popular gig).

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Thanks for your information lecras. The photo really helps to see what its like watching a concert from the back if we are unable to get there on time for seats. I think I read somewhere that at the end of each set the crowd is asked to leave the area and line up somewhere? Where do people line up?

There are two entrances to the theater, one on each side, at the edge of the walkway. There are signs, and ropes which show where to line up. :slight_smile:

Last time we were there we walked down the walkway on the left and just stood and watched - really close. The sets are short, but a really good time!

You can heard the concert music while walking about and usually you can easily stand and see the performers.

Thanks for the information guys. Sounds like it is well worth a visit while in Epcot. This might sound silly, but can you eat food in the seated areas?

Yes you can, there are no restrictions on food and drink (including alcohol purchased in the park). :slight_smile: