Tips for using a Go Pro at Disney?

My father in law gave us an old Go Pro he has used once and I was thinking about taking it along on my Feb Disney trip. I would love any tips or advice from Go Pro pros!

I bought a hand / wrist mount and also a backpack clip. The backpack clip is pretty much impossible for me to open despite the fact that I work out regularly, so would love some recommendations - especially for ones that work on Loungefly backpack straps.

I thought Go Pros were on the list of banned items?

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I have the hand strap and love it. It’s my favorite of the other straps I have (head and chest.) More than likely they will not allow you to bring it in on the short tripod with which it comes. It depends on the guard. At Disneyland they wouldn’t let me bring the tripod in at all. My choices were take it back to my room/car, or allow them to confiscate it. :eyes:
At Animal Kingdom the guard lectured me about it and made me promise I wouldn’t use it. No one said anything at the other parks. I have seen recent YouTube videos where people had them, so it really depends on the guard you get. They consider it the same as a selfie stick, which are banned. I find the hand strap to be most useful, except when it’s time to wash my hands. :laughing:

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A long long time ago, on Star Tours, in the left most StarSpeeder, there were 2 GoPro mounts stuck to the front wall, just below the screen on the passenger’s left. If they are still there, I wouldn’t trust that adhesive. But, it would be a nice selfie.

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Nope! Go pros are allowed!

Oh that’s great to hear! I was hesitant to get a chest strap because of my body shape, so I won’t bother getting one.

I also found a backpack clip that I can actually open :joy: and works on my Loungefly mini backpack straps. We are doing both DAH events so I’m hoping to get some empty park at night footage just walking around.

The one I have is my father in law’s old one and doesn’t have the short tripod. I was tempted to get one (thinking it on a stick would look less ridiculous) but I’ll just try the hand / wrist mount based on your feedback.

If I like the Go Pro on this trip, my plan is to buy a newer model with accessories.

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