Tips for Staying Off Property?

In 12 days I will be staying off property for the first time. I am beyond grateful because it is FREE ( friends house in Davenport), but slightly overwhelmed because I am so used to the perks of staying on property. I would love some tips, especially in regards to driving/parking.

Background: I am going with a college friend and a coworker friend. We will be staying at a house in Davenport, which appears to be 15 minutes away from WDW. We are set to touch down at 10am Saturday, college friend lands earlier and will have the rental car waiting for coworker friend and I.

We are going to go straight to MK (CL 6). I have been toying with the idea of parking at CS rather than TTC (insert tip here liners!). We will stay until 3pmish, go back to the house for nap, pool, showers, then Uber (I am an expert uber-er) to Epcot (CL 5) for some rides and likely some adult beverages, hence the uber. Day 2 will be RD MK…same thing re: parking at CS or GF versus TTC?

We have free passes (park hoppers) from a CM friend, which means AK is blacked out Saturday & Sunday, so Monday is our only choice…but is an EMH day. How should we strategize AK (CL 5) during EMH without having EMH ourselves?

Other tidbits: food? We prefer not stopping at the grocery store so we can maximize park hours, so I am going to see if I can do an amazonfresh delivery. Are there any FL based grocery stores that do food delivery? Up here we have Giant and their peapod service. On that note, we are trying to only do QS Lunch and Dinner (save for a Spice Road ADR 8pm Sat).

Thank you!

Sounds like fun. I remember back in the day - the VAST VAST VAST majority of people HAD to stay off site. So totally remember doing it as a kid. Think the Uber thing is awesome and responsible on your part. Even though you won’t get sloppy I am sure - it is excellent that you are taking no chances with driving.

Are you me?!

I’m staying in a house in Davenport! And going with a college friend! And hiring a rental car! And planning to Uber sneakily!


Identity Theft!!!


I believe publix is the market delivery you are asking for

Driving in the area is very easy and I found it stress-free. There’s so much signage everywhere.

As far as parking at CR or GF, you can try it. Unless you have a dining reservation, it’s one of those things that “if everyone did it”… blah blah blah…
Parking at TTC isn’t too bad, especially if it isn’t rope drop time. Park, tram, bag check, then monorail or ferry to MK.

Several options for grocery delivery. Instacart, Garden Grocer, Amazon pantry. Honestly, with a car, a trip on your own to Publix or Walmart will be faster/cheaper and you’ll get what you want.

Well marked roads, you’ll have no problem getting around. I would just park at TTC. I don’t think you’re saving much time parking at the resort and the hassle of sweet talking parking.

For MK rope drop I would aim to arrive at the TTC by 8. By 830 it is a much different experience.

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Keep checking for FPP for FoP - although they “sell out” almost immediately at 60 days, people have reported getting them close to their stay. If you are able to score FPP for it that will take a lot of pressure off you, and you should be able to benefit from shorter wait times for other AK attractions as many people will be queuing for the Pandora attractions.

Oh plus then we can get Pubsubs and I doubt they deliver PubSubs!

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Thank you all!

I will have to look at how much it is to park at CR or GF + check on my daily sweet talking-I can be quite convincing ;). I am guessing we will arrive to TTC at 11:30am, so folks would hopefully start clearing out for the afternoon.

Good to know re: wait times are shorter for other AK rides. I will also do a double check this coming Monday @ a week out to see what it looks like.

I do get sad seeing the lines chat when folks announce they just got on DME, but the rental car will provide some freedom/efficiency. When I do our “normal” family trip, I fly and take DME to the resort and my DF (is this correct? my Father/Dad?) @BenF12400 will take the auto train. We use bus service for everything except when we drive to AKL for dinner.

Omg, I literally thought “is the profmatt’s friend” he’s treavelling with??!!

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