Tips for RD TSMM?

Hi All,
My trip starts next Monday. Our HS day is next Thursday - predicted CL =3. I know my 3 year old will enjoy TSMM, but I need tips on how to get there. I don’t think it’s feasible for us to get to the park and through security/tapstiles any earlier than 8:40/8:45 (9:00 Park open). I’ve noticed the last few days that TSMM has a 60 minute wait right at 9AM. Any tips on how to best get there and have the shortest wait (without having to get to the park at 8AM)?
Things to note - my 3 year old will be in a stroller, we will be with my 72 year old MIL, and I’m 5.5 months pregnant. Speed walking/Running will not be on our side.

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No magic ruby slippers that you can click 3 times, so just get your family to bed early the night before, hope for efficient transportation, and get there as early as you can. If you can make it 8:30 rather than 8:45, you’ll be in that much closer to a shorter wait.

If the wait is too long, monitor the wait times on the Lines app (don’t go by Disney’s #s). They may dip down at lunch time. Of course, that may well be nap time…

Remember, you’ll have a great time whether or not you make it onto the ride.

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Thanks for this and I agree - My son has never been on the ride so he won’t know if he misses it. I think we might be able to get there by 8:30 - I’ll do my best to push the family to get ready (my MIL will probably be the hold up!). We’re definitely doing the Disney Jr show, which my son will love, so I know we’re going to have fun even if we don’t make it on TSMM.

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If you can’t get the MIL there, if possible I would just have her meet you there later and do the earliest RD you can. That worked for my mom.

HI everyone - I just thought I’d update you.
I arrived at HS and made it through security and through the tapstiles by about 8:35. We were in the middle of the pack at rope drop, but as I mentioned I am pregnant and walking with a stroller and 70+ year old MIL (who literally stopped on the way to TSMM to watch some ducks. I kid you not, she wanted to observe ducks in a puddle of water).
We were lined up for TSMM at 8:55 and they opened the doors to the attraction and started letting the line weave. We were in line for 43 minutes before we got on the attraction.
My 3 year old DS was surprisingly more patient than I would have thought. This was the longest line we had all week, but it wasn’t terribly hot and most of the line is in the shade. His biggest concern was the ride would be dark like Buzz Lightyear (he’s a little afraid of the dark right now). I kept telling him it wasn’t dark and letting him play with his lightning mcqueen cars while we waited. He also ate a snack to kill some time.
Verdict: HE LOVED THE RIDE!! He was so happy when we got off and said it was his favorite thing. I’m so glad we toughed out the “long” line because it moved quickly and he loved it so much.

Thanks for all the advice, everyone!


Thanks for the update. And I hope “Ducks!” becomes a funny code word in your family. It sounds like a “gotta laugh or else I’ll cry” kinda moment.