Tips for my first EMH at MK Jan 13th? it's only from 8-10pm

We have never attended a park with EMH, always avoided. In January our only day to do MK is Wednesday the 13th.
Right now we have the BOG 8am, hoping to get out early and hit SDMT b4 RD crowds. (We have a FP too, but if we can hit it early, we’ll change the FP)
We’ll tour until lunch, take it easy after eating, catch parade with FP, and then leave for Poly, to relax b4 dinner at 5.
We have also never stayed to see MSEP, Sooo, I am thinking we might head back over to MK to catch MSEP, and then stay for EMH. It’s only 8-10.
My question is, it’s a low crowd day (originally was a 1, now changed to 4) Will crowds be decent during EMH? AND, what rides should we aim to hit with the lowest waits? I thought we could rearrange our morning touring, if need be, (If it gets crowded earlier) and save some rides for EMH.
Any tips/advice/info is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Evening EMH are (IMO) so much better than morning EMH. I’ve only done the night time EMH a few times but all times there was virtually no line for almost everything (the big headliners there were still decent lines) Your best bet is to use the Touring Lines app and it will stay updated with wait times throughout the evening.
My recommendation is hit the rides that are great to ride in the dark! Big Thunder, Splash, People Mover etc. The atmosphere during evening EMH is second to none. Enjoy :smiley:

Thanks for your info! I will definitely have the Touring Plans App up and running! I guess I didn’t realize it could be used during EMHs, like I said, never been! :smile:
I like your tips to hit the rides that are fun at night. DS3 wanted to do that at MNSSHP. He fell asleep at 11, after the dessert party, so we skipped night time rides and hit all the magic shots/meet n greets with him asleep in his stroller, pretty funny pics, btw.
Hopefully we still have a great experience, even though it’s only from 8-10!

We did EMH at MK last November when the crowds were unexpectedly high that day. We loved the EMHs as we were able to ride so many rides as walk-ons which we never could have done during the regular afternoon park hours. We did rope drop that same morning and fit in most of what we wanted then, took a break in the afternoon when crowds peaked, and rode some of our favorites again during the EMHs. It sounds like a similar plan to yours, so I hope it works out well for you, too!

You’ll have fun! Just take it all in and if nothing else enjoy the atmosphere. Lines will continue updating even through EMH’s which is great.
Also sometimes you’ll find that if the day had a higher than expected crowd level, often times EMH gets extended

What time does the park open? You say EMH but do you have a pre RD BOG and the park is opening at 9:00?

Yep , BOG at 8 AM park opens at 9 AM :slight_smile:

This sounds exactly like the plan I have in mind :slight_smile:
Hopefully it works out well for us too!!

Ok- so that is a little different from EMH! You will be in front of everyone else. When you walk into MK (at 7:45) you can take pictures of an empty Main Strett. Pre order your breakfast to save time and be done in BOG by 8:35-8:40 at least.

Hi, how do you pre order breakfast at BOG please?

At 30 days out if you look at your reservation in MDE there will be a button to pre-order. You can do that any time (even the morning of your ADR) so if you do not know what you want- don’t panic!

Thank you

If you are done with breakfast at 8:30 are there typically rides open?

7DMT may open 10 minutes early, PP may open a couple of minutes early. It joust you before the RD crowd.