Tips for getting to Trails End for dinner

Hi! I’m hoping someone has a tip for getting to Trails End. Made dinner reservations on a non park day, but their resort map is totally confusing! I was thinking about Uber to the Wilderness lodge and boating over to Ft Wilderness. I think that close to the boats. Has anyone else tried this or have a better method? Will be traveling with 2 toddlers. Thanks!

There are two boat routes at Ft Wilderness. One goes back and forth, to MK. The other makes a triangle between Wilderness Lodge, the Contemporary, and Ft Wilderness. The FtW docks are near Trails End.

Or you can Uber to FtW Outpost(the parking lot) and take the internal bus to Settlement(Trails End, etc.)

There is also a walking trail, from WL to FtW. Its about a mile.

If you want to avoid Uber, take a bus to MK then the resort launch to FtW.

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Thanks for the info, according to some tips it says plan for 90 mins travel time when traveling between resorts. We will be traveling from AOA. I was thinking with Uber that we could shorten that time by at least 30 mins? Thanks again!

I most recent trip went to Trails End after I was done at MK. Take the resort boat walk up the ramp and you will be near Trails End.

Uber to FtW Outpost, then internal bus, 30-45 minutes total. But not as much fun, as looking around WL and a boat ride.

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Thanks we may go to WL after dinner and then the Contemporary or to MK to catch the bus back! Sounds like a plan. Hoping they have some Holiday decorations up for our trip dates

If you need Uber/Lyft info, check out this thread:

Thanks for the tip

Once when we were staying a Pop Century, we took a taxi to Fort Wilderness. We will never do that again. We were dropped off at the Fort Wilderness Outpost where we then took the internal shuttle. The shuttle made multiple stops which really made for a very long ride. We were late for our reservation. You will be much better off to take the bus to MK, then take the resort launch to Fort Wilderness. Trail’s End is very near the boat launch at Fort Wilderness. You get a lovely glimpse of the Magic Kingdom and a beautiful boat ride in the 7 seas lagoon you cross a bridge made of water for boats over the road into the Magic Kingdom into Bay Lake. So much better than taking the internal shuttle at Fort Wilderness.

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