Tips for entertaining kids in lines

Does anyone have good things to bring or activities to do with young boys (2.5 and 5) while waiting in lines at WDW?

look for hideen mickeys, I-spy – discuss the ride you are going on, the rest of the day, what you’ve seen etc.

Trivia questions always worked for me. And it’s pretty simple (especially when they are still little) to come up with questions on the spot, especially Disney themed questions: Name 2 of Mickey’s friends., What kind of fish is Nemo? The only caveat is that you might end up with more than two kids answering questions…

Ds5 loves I spy as well and just chatting about what’s planned next! :slight_smile:

We like to play “Would you rather?” One person makes up two crazy choices, and asks their question to see what everyone chooses. The family members who answer have to choose one and say WHY. Examples: Would you rather get lost on a mountain or in a city? Would you rather be an elephant or a tiger? Would you rather live in caveman times or in colonial times?