Tips for a Rope Drop Rookie?

It’s true … We have never been at a Park for RD. Now with 2 DDs who are so excited about the potential for Jedi Training, it looks like rope drop is coming.

Any tips for a rookie, other than run fast and keep left? :smile:

We are planning HS for Thurs., Nov. 12 and have an ADR at 9:50 at H&V. DDs are 5 and 9 and not super fast. Our Crowd Level is predicted at 4, so I wasn’t sure how soon we should be there.


Unfortunately, Jedi Training will be in refurb:

I would advise be at the gates at least 45 minutues early… HS has a habit of opening a bit early and now they are implementing early gate entry and holding you at locations to walk guests to the popular rides.

I would advise heading to Toy Story Midway Mania first even if you have afast pass, this ride is popular.

So this solved an issue we were having. My daughter is a huge Star Wars fan but was on the fence about doing the Jedi training. I kept trying to convince her she would regret not doing it. Well the day we are going to be there is 10/5 which is the first day it is closed for refurb. Guess she wasn’t meant to do it, problem solved!

Any idea why it is still showing up in my Touring Plan for 10/07/15?

Not really i know it is fairly recently announced

Thanks @Jedilogray - a good reminder to me to keep a closer eye on the rehabs and closings. I can only imagine the let down if we got all the way there before realizing it was closed.

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