Tips and tricks to book jambo value studios

Looking to book a value studio for 10 days starting 5/28/24. Give me all your tips and tricks, we’ve been DVC members for 3 years and these have always eluded me.

I assume lead the reservation but I just looked and the first day I’m availabe to book in May 2 and the studios don’t open until May 5.

Stalk and stalk and stalk and waitlist (but please don’t walk)

Got it! That’s what I’ve been doing unsuccessfully for December so I was hoping there was a better method for next year.

There are 8 dedicated studios? I think the best hope is to try to grab days as others are walking past your dates but even then I would never count on it.


This. ^^^^

I think people walk these for weeks.


Update on this, stalking has gotten me the biggest bang. I’m still looking for 2 nights but I have the other 5 so fingers crossed I get them eventually!

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Have you been updating a wait list as you have grabbed your days?

I just did unfortunately the days I need aren’t concurrent!

I hear people have pretty good lu j with the value waitlist. Also, there is a renatl site that manages to grab up a ton of value rooms - they usually have t out of 7 days a week. It is lossible they drop those at some.point if they don’t book. I know that will be a long wait.

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One more day in the middle and I’ll have 10 days right after Memorial Day. It’s definitely taken a lot of stalking but it’s worth it for the cheaper price (now let’s hope I feel that way when we stay haha)