Tipps for late February

I am new to the forum and just booked our first trip to WDW for February 2017.

We are flying into MCO 22nd and will be staying onsite til March 1st.

Any tipps for that time? Yes, I know it’s Princess Half Marathon. I only found out after I made the flight reservations. Now we have to deal with it.

A question about the Fantasmic Dinner packages: If I book a package at Hollywood Brown Derby or Mama Melrose’s this package includes Apetizer, Entree, Dessert, Beverage and the voucher for the show. Can I choose from the “normal” menu or is there a special menu for the packages?

Oh yeah, we are two adults. No Kids.

Welcome to the forums!

Just read up on race weekends, it’ll be crowded but most people aren’t there to ride so it’ll feel really busy the wait times won’t be super impacted by it.

With the F! packages you get your choice of any appetizer or Entree, non-alcoholic beverage, and a dessert sampler that will be shared. You do not get to choose what is included with the sampler.

Do be aware that you’re going during a somewhat slower time so the dining package isn’t really a necessity as long as you line up a little before. The amphitheater is huge and there isn’t really any bad seats. Just being two adults makes everything SO much easier.

As a general rule stay for the 2nd parade, 2nd showing, 2nd anything as it’s always slower. That’s at any park. Of course not everything will have two showings. Late night EMH times are a lot of fun. It’s cool weather and low crowds. The parks slowly empty out and it’s so much fun to be there when it’s so quiet. The kiss goodnight is something everyone should stay for at least once at MK.

If you can swing it try to have a meal or even just drinks and dessert at California Grill while the Magic Kingdom fireworks are going off. It’s amazing!

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Is there usually a chance that the weather is good enough for the water parks at that time?

The weather can fluctuate wildly at that time of year. While “good enough” is totally subjective, you could see temps in the 70/80s. We travel in January and have been able to go to the pools & water parks at least 1 day each trip. There’s just no guarantee that it’ll be a day that you are free to do that.
We’re also from New England. So, 65 degrees is beach weather according to my daughter!
Years ago, on our first trip to Disney, we went in April. I was excited for the tropical weather. It never got out of the 50s.
You could check out the weather.com annual averages for Orlando. It’s just a guideline…any polar vortex could swoop down at will.


We went mid-February this year. It was in the 70’s every day, but cooler (50’s?) in the mornings and evenings. So we started and ended the day with sweatshirts over our t-shirts. We went swimming at the hotel many days. It was just fine mid-day, but the day we tried first thing in the morning, it was too cool for me. My kids went in no problem though. I checked a weather report before we left, knowing it could be variable. So final packing and decisions on swimming couldn’t be made too far in advance.

We went that time in 2012. It was busier than I expected (I wasn’t a liner then) but totally manageable. I had no idea about princess so you’re way ahead of the game. The weather was nice and we did get in some pool time. We did not do the water parks though. FWIW the Disney race runners are awesome. Met some really nice people on the buses and at the restaurants.

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