Tipping (Specifically During Covid)

Are tipping suggestions the same currently as before? Are they still allowed to accept cash tips? I think we will have two tipping areas (other than dining - I know that piece).

  1. Housekeeping: If we are not having housekeeping at all during our stay (3 nights, 3 people), how much tip is appropriate to leave? I think it used to be $1/person/day, but how does that recommendation change if housekeeping isn’t coming everyday?
  2. ME: We will each have a carry-on bag to stow away. What is the appropriate ME tip each way?

I know this can be controversial - not looking for an argument - just trying to plan out how much cash (and what denominations) to take with us.


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Tip as before covid. ME, bell services, and mousekeeping all accepted cash tips from us during covid.


Adding to say that we tipped $1/ bag except for one bag we had that was 40 lbs for ME and bell services. We tipped $5 for that one bc it was a beast.
Mousekeeping we left $1/person every three days. Before covid, we left $2/person, but they aren’t making beds or changing sheets. They’re basically replacing towels and coffee and emptying garbage.


Gotcha. So if we have 3 bags (small, carry-on luggage), $5 each way should be good for ME? And for 3 nights, 3 people, maybe $5 for Mousekeeping? I always want to make sure I’m not being too cheap :slight_smile:

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That seems totally fine.