Tipping on the DDP

I’ve know tips are not included. I’ve also read that gratuity of 18% is included for parties of 6 or more which we have (6). My question is how can we pay for those tips? I read online that you can use cash, credit card or debit card, but the articles that state that were 3-5 years old.

Can any one confirm how you can pay for tips on the DDP?

You can pay anyway you want. Cash, card, charge back to your room if you are onsite, Disney gift card.

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We had a group of 6 earlier this month. We did card and charge to room for tips. They asked us how we wanted to pay. I’m sure cash and gift cards would have been accepted as well.

I’ve paid for tips using room charge and gift cards when on the DDP, though you can use cash, credit or debit cards as well.

At the end of your meal they’ll gently remind you that your dining plan doesn’t include gratuity, and ask if you want it on your room charge. If you say yes then they will bring a credit slip with the 18% charge, which you would then sign with that as the total. If you’d like to bring that up to 20% (or more if they were really wonderful) there is an additional tip line on the slip, or you could just add cash.

If you add cash, it is recommended to write “CASH” on the tip line


Always a great reminder!!!