Tipping on DDP

This will be our family’s first trip to Disney and we are planning on using the dining plan. I understand that the tip is not included in the price of the dining plan and that we need to tip outside of that. What I am wondering is if I will be able to use my credit card (tied to my magic band?) to tip or if it has to be cash?

The only reason that I ask is that I generally do not carry a lot of cash, and so I am just trying to figure out how much cash I will need to get for tipping (obviously tipping Mousekeeping will have to be cash).

It would be super convenient if I could tip using my credit card, but I didn’t want to assume I could use my card, and then find out it is cash only and have to find an ATM with what I am assuming are high fees.

Thanks so much.

Yes, you can use your credit card (tied to your MB, if you want) to leave tips when on the DDP. For all sorts of info on tipping at WDW, check out http://blog.touringplans.com/2016/03/04/tips-tipping-walt-disney-world-transportation-restaurants-hotels/

You can use your credit card directly or use your magic band - which would add it to your room charges.

You can also use it for any “non-included” items such as apps or alcoholic drinks.

Your post made me realize that I never used cash or credit card during our entire stay earlier this month. We were on the dining plan but used our Bands for tips, booze, additional treats…
In fact, I forgot my wallet at the resort on our Epcot day and it had zero impact on our spending :wink:

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