Tipping for buffets

OK, well that’s a little better.

$10 per meal? I assume it is not $10 per person? So $10 for a $160 bill?

well that’s better than normal!

In Massachusetts regular minimum wage is $10.

That is for servers, and other workers it was $8.05. Disney workers were making I believe it is $9.00 or $9.50 but the servers still on $3.02. I looked online and saw that the state minimum as of January 1st, 2017 was $8.10 and server wages are now $5.08 per hour, still not the same as other workers minimum wage.

I follow your thinking and on this past trip, we had almost $500 in tips for the dining. No it isn’t cheap and it does cost me the money but believe me when I say that we had some exceptional service and felt that what we tipped was the right amount.
I remember back in 2008, when I had the free dining plan and upgraded to the deluxe, that the tip was being added to the bill not like it is now but like if you were a party of 6 or more.

Even Dave Ramsey - the frugal money guy - says a good tip is important! Nothing less than 15%.

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I love being able to be generous for exemplary service. I think what it comes down to for me is just that: the tip is for the service. Therefore, the price of the food has no affect or bearing on that at all lol

Wow, I didn’t think that I would see Dave Ramsey quoted here. Nice.


$5 is still shocking my sensibilities. It’s better than $3, but wow.

Anyway we’ve always been 15-20% tippers so we’ll just carry on…

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Just thought of something else. I was always taught to tip based on what the total price is, before any discounts or freebees not on the total after the discount. It does make a difference.

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I don’t think it would be a $160 meal my kids are both under 9 so children’s prices. But $10 would be my base line and depending on how far off I am from 18% I will up it. But I think $10-$15 is fair especially if it’s a buffet where I’m doing the plate hauling for me and my kids.

I’m way into my Baby Step program @davidjjenkins1961 :slight_smile:
And, just so you know, I pay for Disney Dave Ramsey style - UPFRONT, with no debt. EVER.


If it is $40 per adult and $20 per child (under 10) that would be $120 plus tax. Will the server be paying 15% taxes on $120-plus tax (6-8%) and getting $10? (Rounding- is that 8%?)

Ok I see your point maybe my baseline needs to be $15 then and adjust from there. But like a previous poster said I think paying based on price of meal is silly. Especially if it’s not a fine dining establishment where they are trained to a higher level.

I also don’t know what server is honestly report their exact number of cash tips. I know they report their credit card tips, but I would say 90% aren’t report the true value of cash tips for tax purposes

It may change by state but my taxes were computed by the check- it was an automatic assumption that tips would be left based on the total of the check . It was based on the total, not on the type of restaurant, or if it is a buffet or signature restaurant. At a signature I actually had to pay my taxes every week instead of getting a pay check since my pay did not cover it.

DD and I have made a note of the recommendations on the TP site, coming from the UK we found it very useful.


Yes! We do Dave Ramsey and Disney too :slight_smile:


Thank you!
Coming from Australia, this has been driving me mad trying to figure out the who, when, how much.
I feel like I’m going to end up standing on the street giving away money to whoever walks past!
That link is sorry helpful.

Not trying to start an argument, but coming from a country that doesn’t tip, I’m really curious. Why aren’t the wait staff just paid appropriately?