Tipping for Beachcomber Shacks at TL (and similar)

I’m hoping to book a Beachcomber Shack for when we visit TL in the summer. Being from the UK I am carefully trying to understand the tipping etiquette in the parks and restaurants. Obviously we will tip for any food and additional drinks we order via the attendants but are we expected to tip at the end of the day too? - and if so how much? I cannot find this information anywhere. Thanks


I’m following because I have one booked next month and would love to hear people’s opinions.


They take your credit card and hold it like when you start a bar tab. I asked to get my card back so I could use it if I was walking around and they obliged. I just tipped at the very end when I settled up my entire bill and I think I left like an extra 20 in cash for the attendant to confiscate. I figured the other tips were probably shared.