Tipping Bell Services

When bell services holds your carry on bag (When you first arrive and your room is not ready yet) Do you tip when dropping off the bag or picking up? Or both? Also if they hold your groceries but do not deliver to your room, it is proper to tip them - right?

Funny, if I am dropping off to move to another resort I tip at drop off and pick up. Also, I tip if checking luggage at checkout day when I drop off and pick up. I always tip at least a dollar a bag. I just realized though I have not tipped when dropping off while waiting for room ( tip at delivery or pick up). Maybe I should have?

Huh…when I was in BLT I tried to tip the person that put the bags on the cart and held them, and was told I couldn’t and only to tip the person who brings them to the room.

Oh! You are talking about checking while waiting for your room! That is the only time someone has touched my luggage that I haven’t tipped! Good! Now I do not feel bad!

Unless I give them special instructions or have a bunch of items for them to wrangle, I just tip on pick up

I tip the people who take them out of my car to hold them, people who bring them to my room, and people who bring them back down to holding, and the people who,out them back in the car. But I only tip at pick up from the valet.

I tried to tip at drop off but he told me no wait till you pick it up.

What about cow tipping, I don’t here to much about that anymore.


We talked about it in high school but didn’t have any cows around. Drive down 192 towards the East coast and you’ll see lots of cows.

Thanks, do I need a big stick?

NO, you just need to sneak up on them and make a loud noise, just like when Mater goes trruck tipping in Cars.

Aaahhh, thanks, I think I have an airhorn around here someplace.

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