Tipping at CRT?

I watched a video on WDWPrep about places to tip in the World. CRT was mentioned as one of the meals where the tip is included in the price. I assumed this meant the upfront price you pay when you reserve. However, if you use the DDP, are you expected to tip or not? I know the general reasoning for not using two TS credits on this meal, but if tip is included in those credits, it definitely works out in our favor to use the dining credits!

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Tip is included with DDP or your Prepay with the reservation.


We have the DDP. So I just want to clarify - tips are included at ALL TS meals with the DDP?

No, only the prepaid meals like CRT. The others you need to tip.


Following- I have read conflicting stuff on this too.

Check the menus at allears.net. They usually list whether tip and/or tax is included in the price, and I says how many credits on the DDP.