Tip to skip the "bag check" lines

Here’s a little tip to skip the bag check lines, even with kids. I purchased a purse case for my phone and put all the kids’ stuff - sunblock, bandaids, bug spray, change of clothes etc. in large ziplock storage bags and threw it under the stroller. We never had to wait in line!

Great tip. I know when we go - we take minimal items. I see people in there like sherpas. WHY do you need so many things. HUGE backpacks purses and strollers like they are moving out of their home.

We take minimal things

This is a fabulous idea – Thanks. I have a fanny pack from my last trip to WDW a decade ago. Would I have to go through bag check if I was wearing it? And more importantly – would I look like an out-of-touch old lady? I know they’re out of style, but it was so damned convenient to use!

Yes, fanny packs have to go through bag check unfortunately. And who cares how you look if it’s comfortable for you! Enjoy your trip!


At AK they were letting people with small purses skip the bag line and then added fanny packs to speed up the wait.


That purse needs it’s own fastpasses!


That would never fit under the seat or in the overhead compartment on the plane.

Ha! Try getting that on any of the rides.

They checked under the stroller at most of the lines last week, but REALLY at the resort lines. They wouldn’t even let me use the no bags line with a folded up stroller at Animal Kingdom.

What do you mean by resort lines? Do you mean getting off of the buses? I was under the impression that the only resort-level security was to board the monorail.

My method for this is just to not take anyting into the park, other than my DSLR, that doesn’t fit in a pocket…

Yes, the security to get on the monorail.

I do feel like security overall has gotten tighter. Last year, I never saw a police officer. Just the people at bag check. This year there were bomb sniffing dogs, police officers walking in the park, police cars parked at the entrances and guys in bullet proof jackets at the entrance.

That’s so weird. I wonder if there was a threat or something. We were there before Thanksgiving and no issues with the stroller going through the no bags line.

Bag check lines are meant to enhance safety. Skipping is not cool. Plan ahead.


My fanny pack is 20 years old, but I still use it every trip to WDW or UOR. It’s a Godsend and I don’t care what anyone thinks! :grin:


If you don’t have to bring a bag and you can go through the no bag line, why wouldn’t you?

That’s the approved way. Sticking stuff in your stroller basket as a means to skirt the rules is not.


As a single guy touring alone, I have no need for a bag; everything fits in my pockets. But I understand why my wife, when she comes with me, does need a bag (which I confess, I occasionally take advantage of). I can’t even imagine the additional needs if you have kids. DW need an EVC for all day touring, so while she’s in the bag check line I go to GS and rent the EVC, so by the time she clears bag check, I have it ready for her. I wish there wasn’t the bag check hassle, but it is what it is, so we make the best of it.