Tinkerbell as a 4th FPP

Do you think Tinkerbell will be available as a 4th FPP in September? I would like to see her right at the end of the day and then camp out for the electric parade if possible and just wonder if any FPPS will be available or if we would really even need one?

When we were there in July I saw some late Tinkerbell FPP at least once, so it seems possible (but not guaranteed) that you could add it as a fourth FPP. You also might not need it. Sometimes her waits dip fairly low. My husband and I were able to meet her one evening around 9:30 with very minimal wait.

What is FPP?

FastPassPlus or FastPass+ or FPP or FP+.

Over easter we hopped to MK about 5/6 ish . Don’t know if fpp were left but we walked into tink with no wait. Posted wait was about 20 mins. She is an awesome m& g.

Finished my first three at about noon, got her as a fourth FP+ for around 5:30. That was last Saturday, 8/14, if you want to compare crowd levels. It was very easy. Her wait was substantial when we got there, I’d say at least half an hour.

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