Timing wait

I tried using time my wait in the mobile app as often as I could since I know that helps forecasts more. After a while it got to be a pain, so I went to just submitting posted time.


  • Make this available offline where each timed wait is saved and can be submitted all at once. Internet is spotty and while waiting I like to switch screens, use camera, etc but found the wait time was often lost if I did (android phone).
  • start collecting & forecasting waits for fastpass line. We found some to be up to 20-30 minutes at busy times
  • bus wait times would also be helpful, maybe not as a forecast but could give insight to which resorts/parks have longest waits & how that relates to crowd level and time of day. Same for wait time from boarding to destination.
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Thanks @txketch!

When you submit actually there is usually a : stop the timer when you get to this point…message. I do not remember seeing any message regarding the fact that you should be timing the stand by line. i have noticed this data at times and there have been some posts in chat from people timing the fast pass line. I know you use this data and now I will climb down off my soapbox :smile: