Timing Question

I have an ADR for Boma at 9:10 and a FPP for KS at 9:55 (which we are fine doing at the end of the window). We will be using our own transportation. Do you think we have enough time to do both? Should breakfast be earlier? Thanks!

You’re probably OK.

Remember that you can check in to your ADR up to 30 minutes ahead, and have a ~15 minute grace period built in to the tail end of your FP+ window - meaning you can check in at Boma as early as 8:40, and need to tap in to KS by 11:10.

I think you’ll probably make it, unless you really dawdle over breakfast.

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I would check into Noma by 9:00 but I too think you will be fine.

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Given that you’re using your own transportation and you’re kind of “in control” of your own food once you are seated since it’s a buffet, I agree with the others. Good luck; have fun!