Timing Question for you

How much time should I allow to get from MK to Poly? We have a 12:45 lunch reservation over there one day–can we watch the parade at noon or should we try to get out of the park before that starts and come back for the 3pm parade?

an hour should do it… you can monorail or boat over to Poly from MK

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Thank you–post lunch parade it is!

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I don’t even think you need an hour, really.

Which mode of transportation are you using?

Boats run pretty often and would probably be the fastest. I’d give it 20-30 minutes from your arrival at the dock to your arrival at Poly.

EDITED: You could even use the big ferry to get over to TTC and walk to Poly from there, but that would add a few mins of walk time

I would allow a bit longer for Monorail - 30 - 40 to be safe.

Under the power of your own two feet, 30 max. It took me 30 in January at a very leisurely (post marathon :wink: ) pace, stopping to take photos.


I would hop the monorail to the TTC and then walk, it’s maybe 8 minutes from the TTC to the Grand Ceremonial House. I think you could probably do it if you watched the parade where it started and then headed to the front of the park right away but it’s probably not worth the stress.

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When traveling to the Poly in October, and to GF in January, … I approached the CMs directing people to various transportation options asking for the quickest way to get to each. Both times they recommended the boat launch as the fastest option.

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I agree, but sometimes the boats take awhile to arrive.

but there’s a monorail stop at the Grand Ceremonial House… why would you get off a stop earlier and walk?

Taking the express monorail to TTC and walking would be faster than resort monorail to Poly.


oh ok… less stops… but more walking in the heat :wink:


The forecasted highs are in the 80s…that’s hardly hot. And I’m from southeast Texas so you can’t scare me with humidity either :wink:

I appreciate all the options though!


Options are always appreciated :wink:

Do you not have to transfer? Maybe we were just on a back-and-forth monorail because the first time we went from MK to the Poly we were told our monorail just went to the TTC and then we’d have to switch, so we decided it was easier to walk.

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I know there are two tracks for the monorail at MK: one stops at the resorts (CR, Poly, GF), TTC and the other is an express that runs between MK and TTC. When I’m at the TTC I always seem to get on the one that stops at all the resorts, but there’s got to be an express line one like @LTinNC82 said, apparently, I’ve not noticed :laughing:

ETA: at the MK you will have two monorail line choices: express or resort


I guess the TTC technically has 3 options: Express to MK, Resort which eventually gets to MK (after stops at the Poly & GF) and then the Epcot line. They don’t feel as clearly marked at the TTC, but if you look closely the signs are there.

I think the 30 minute guideline is correct. Basically 15 minutes worst case to wait on your transportation and then 15 to get there should be pretty safe. All of the transportation options are pretty good and interesting. Express Monorail or Ferry to the TTC would be the most walking, but it’s not that bad a walk…


If you’re facing the monorail station at the TTC the right most line goes to Epcot, the middle is express and the left most, or inner rail, is the resort line. If you just remember the one closest to the lake stops at the resorts on the lake you’ll be good.


I would leave at 12:00pm for a 12:45pm reservation. You might make it by 12:30pm or be as late as 1:00pm if everything goes wrong, but since your grace period is 15 minutes on either side of your reservation, you will be able to check in pretty close to the time you arrive at Poly either way.


Who do you think you are, The Voice Of Reason???


I would never presume to take that title. :angel:

Maybe, “voice of usually amiable but occasionally and unexpectedly vulgar logic”?