Timing for O'hana reservation

We are headed to Disney for the first time in February. We are supposed to be taking the DME from the airport to art of animation. Our plane is supposed to land at 250 and we have a 510 Ohana reservation - the only time I could get. I’m petrified that there is no way we will make it in time. What are your thoughts? Is it possible? My parents are meeting us there and arrive earlier - can I send them on ahead to save spots? Will they seat a partial party if the rest is en route?

You are definitely cutting it close. I would do everything I could to change the time…even looking at another day.

My understanding is that they hold you at the front until your entire party is present; however, if it was clear you weren’t going to make it for a long time then your parents could tell them at the host booth that the reservation number has reduced and be seated without you for their meal. There is not a penalty as long as some members of your party show up for the reservation.

It’s very tight. Keep trying for a later table - set up a search on the res finder.

Done! thank you!

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